DBD 5.6.1 Bug Fix Patch Notes have been released

Dead by Daylight has received a new patch that will fix a variety of different bugs that have been plaguing the game as of late.
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Dead by Daylight is releasing a new bug fix patch on March 15th, 2022! This update focuses primarily on fixing a bunch of bugs that were introduced with the recent additions to the game. A couple of perks that were disabled have been added back into the game, which should make players of those particular characters happy. A lot of fixes focus on the Onryo, who was newly added to DBD. If you want to see all of the information on the release, you can check the patch notes below.

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Here’s a look at all of the changes from the official patch notes:

  • After a bug was fixed, the Wake Up perk was re-enabled.
  • After a bug fix, the Object of Obsession perk was re-enabled.
  • In the Silent Hill map, an issue caused survivors to become stuck between a hook and a locker.
    Fixed a bug that prevented the killer from picking up the survivor in the basement stairs.
  • When the Survivor switches to Spectate mode, the previous killer’s theme was playing in the Lobby of a custom game.
  • When selecting a new customization part in the store, an issue that caused selected outfit customizations to revert to default was fixed.
  • On the Gideon Meat Plant map, a bug that prevented the sliding doors from opening was fixed.
  • There was an issue where already equipped charms didn’t show up on the killer customization preview screen.
  • When hooking Meg in the tutorial, there was a long delay due to a bug. (Only for PS4)
  • Fixed an issue that caused daily rituals to be generated for disabled characters on occasion.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Killer to crash when Survivors used the Wake Up perk and interacted with the exit switch.
  • When using the Survivor perks Aftercare, Object of Obsession, and Empathetic Connection to unhook a Survivor, there was an issue that caused the game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that could have resulted in a Merciless Storm skill check appearing after the generator had finished.
  • When a survivor is carried, an issue with the Enduring perk caused the stun duration to be reduced.
  • The effect of the Boil Over perk was left on after a survivor disconnected while being carried by the killer.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented survivors from wriggling free after being dropped and picked up by the killer.
  • A bug was fixed that caused the wiggle progress to start at 25%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the survivor’s arm to bend backwards when screaming while holding an item.
  • When the Plague interacts with a corrupted fountain, an issue caused the Ingest Corruption VFX to be offset.
  • The Operation Theatre room was less visible due to an issue with the Onryo’s screen effect.
  • The Onryo’s Ring Drawing add-on was not spreading due to a bug. When using an Anti-Hemorrhagic Syringe to heal a condemned survivor, the condemned stacks.
  • Fixed an issue where The Onryo’s VFX appeared in the background of the Tally screen.
  • The arrow indicator VFX on The Onryo’s televisions was occasionally missing due to a bug.
  • In Custom Games with fewer than three survivors, a bug was fixed that caused fewer televisions to spawn.
  • When playing as The Onryo, a bug caused hatch VFX to be positioned incorrectly.
  • In Badham Preschool, a bug was fixed that resulted in missing breakable walls.
  • In Yamaoka Estate maps, a bug that caused broken tiles was fixed.
  • The Killer’s sound effects are missing when switching from the Play as Killer menu to the Store. This problem can be resolved by switching to a different Killer in the Store.
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