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How to become a Demon in Demonfall

If you want to join the race of the Demons in Demonfall then you will need to make sure you know how to become one early on in the game!
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If you’re looking to play on the evil side in Demonfall then you’re going to want to go Demon. This race is easy to get, but you will need to do it at the beginning of the game when you first start your character. We’ll walk you through the process of going to the darkside in this game!

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Creating a Demon Character

To become a Demon in Demonfall, you will need to start a new character and fight the demon that has slayed your family. If you are sure you want to be a Demon, then you will want to lose the fight with this enemy. Once you have lost, you will be killed and will revive as a Demon!

Now that you’ve joined the evil side of things, what will be different about the experience? Well, the Red Nichirin Blade cancels regeneration, Demons have different eye colors, the Sun and Wisteria Trees kill demons more effectively. However, if you devour enough humans and reach level 5, you will get a chance to fight for your Demon Art! This will make you a lot stronger, and you can start enjoying your time as a Demon a lot more.

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