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How to Change Family in Demonfall

If you're looking to change your family in Demonfall then there's a few things you should know before shelling out Robux to do so!
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In Demonfall, you will have multiple options of families/clans to join when you start out on your character. These will be free of charge, and you get three chances to roll for the one you want. Unfortunately, the best family options are very rare, so you might not get the clan you were hoping for at first. If that’s the case, then you might be wanting to change things up. This can be done, but unfortunately it can be a pretty costly process!

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Changing Your Family

To change family in Demonfall, you start off with three rolls when you create your character to get a chance at the family you want. Once you’ve expended all of these, you can then either pay Robux for more rolls or get a Wipe Potion for Yen from the Black Merchant who hangs around villages to reset your character!

  1. Starting your Character

    When you first start your character, you will be able to reroll for your chosen family three times for free. It is important to use this to hopefully get the clan you are looking to become. The higher the rarity of the family, the more likely it’s going to have something beneficial for you to use. You can see from the image below that you only have a 0.5% chance to get the highest rarity family, which means you have to really get lucky on your rolls.Demonfall Family Rolls Image

  2. Use Robux

    When you’ve used up all your spins when you are creating your character, you can hit the Refresh button again and pay 75 Robux for another three rolls. Robux cost you real money, but you can get some free if you know how. This obviously isn’t the greatest method, because it could cost you quite a bit of currency to get the highest rarity family.Demonfall Reroll Family Robux Image

  3. Use a Wipe Potion

    The Wipe Potion can be obtained from the Black Merchant who is found either in the Hayakawa Village or Okuyia Village. You will need to search around and look in dark alleys to find him. Once you have found the Mysterious Merchant, he will offer Weapon Parts and an Unknown Item. You will want to purchase the Unknown Item for 3,000 Yen to have a chance at getting a Wipe Potion. Yes, this is only a chance, because you can get two other items as well, so this is not a fully reliable option unfortunately. Be careful with this potion, because it will wipe your character completely! It’s like you started your character over and you end up back at the create a character screen.Demonfall Black Merchant Image

  4. Use Codes

    The developer’s of Demonfall will sometimes release codes that give you a chance to get a Wipe Potion for free. All you need to do is keep an eye on our Demonfall Codes page, and see if a code is available that will get you the potion you need.Demonfall Code Example Image

That’s everything we know about how to change your family in Roblox Demonfall. Be sure to check out our posts on all of the Breathing Styles you can learn and all of the Families you can join!

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