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Demonfall Update Log: 2.1 Patch Notes

The next big update for Roblox Demonfall will be the 2.1 patch and bring various fixes, balancing, and some new additions to the game!
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While we just got the big 2.0 patch and the follow-up 2.05 fix patch to Roblox Demonfall, it looks like the developer of the game isn’t taking a rest. There will be a 2.1 patch coming in the very near future that will fix even more bugs with the game, and even add some new stuff as well. There is also going to be additional balancing done to the game that should help bring things back into alignment.

The Demonfall 2.1 update was released on September 12th, 2021. The 2.15 Update has been released with some quality of life and bug fixes for the game.

Demonfall 2.1 Patch notes

  • Hybrid will still get crow quests (Since hybrids do slayer quests)
  • If you have moon breathing and craft a sword, it set’s back to moon breathing sword after
  • Hybrids now able to use the demon teleport NPC
  • Hybrids now able to buy demon clothes
  • Hybrids can no longer use muzan blood and breath indict
  • No longer able to bug-learn sun breathing as a hybrid. And if you have it your breathing will be reseted
  • Tomioka buff’s will work on hybrids
  • Demon reset appearance for hybrids
  • Prestige past level 5 not glitched anymore

Balance Changes

  • Nerfed sun burning bones damage to (3 per tick — > 1.5 per tick) since it’s a OP combo extender already
  • Nerfed sun flash dance damage (35 –> 30)
  • Reduced moon catastrophe cooldown and made it does a knockback (60 –> 40)
  • Increased moon cooldown’s on every skill in 4 seconds
  • Nerfed kanroji passive damage to 15% instead of 20%
  • Compass needle buff duration doubled
  • Shockwave Explosive Flurry damage increased in 20% and reduced knockback
  • Shadow consume now lasts 20% longer
  • Black Hole damage increased in 40%
  • String claw damage increased (20 –> 25)
  • String push cooldown reduced (15 –> 13)
  • Dark Thor cast time decreased in 30% (Skill faster)
  • Buffed dark thunder grab damage in 30% and decreased it cooldown in 20%
  • Reduced dark dash distance in a high amount but drastically decreased it cooldown (Makes more precise)
  • Prestige has been permanently capped at 10

New Additions

  • Kaigaku now uses dark thunder grab too, and gives 10.000 experience instead of 6 ~ 9
  • New skills for Shockwave, Ice and Arrow
  • If you have thunder breathing and is a hybrid, your skills visual will look dark-like. Still thinking for other breathings like dark flames and crimson water

Source: Arrox on Discord

That’s everything we know about the 2.1 update for Roblox Demonfall! We have a bunch more details on the game in the Demonfall section of our website, so be sure to check it out.

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