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Demonfall Update Log: 2.05 Patch Notes

Roblox Demonfall recently got a big update, and the 2.05 patch seeks to fix some of the issues that popped up in the 2.0 release.
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Roblox Demonfall got a really big update with 2.0 over the weekend, but some issues popped up with some of the new additions of the game. This release brought Moon and Sun Breathing, as well as the controversial Prestige system. A whole lot of questions have been asked due to the update not receiving particularly detailed patch notes, so this has caused quite a bit of confusion. The 2.05 update seeks to fix some of the bugs that have occurred in the game due to the new patch.

The Demonfall 2.05 update is supposed to release on August 23rd, 2021. An exact time has not been given, but hopefully it will release soon. It is possible that this will be delayed, as patches and updates have not always come out on time.

Demonfall 2.05 Patch notes

  • Fixed 2 moon breathing skill
  • Fixed event boss VERY rarely spawning (TEMP DISABLED, CAUSE I’M REWORKING IT! didn’t look as me expected)
  • Added tomioka haori
  • If you’re near a boss, it show’s the name of who killed the boss
  • When you die, it show’s the name of who killed you
  • Fixed the name spoof exploit
  • Prestige now’s increase level cap in 5
  • Sun passive now is changed. The flames don’t do damage in humans, but does the double damage on hybrids and demons (THIS ONE GOT CANCEL, SUN PASSIVE WILL STAY HOW IT IS)
  • Sun iframe move now only takes 20 of the breathing bar
  • Hybrids aren’t immune to the sun and wisteria anymore
  • Hybrids now can cross demon’s barriers and spawn at demons hideouts
  • Hybrids still can eat meat, unlike demons. But can’t eat other food’s
  • Hybrids now can use the body absorption skill

Here are additional details from Arrox from the Fireheart Studio Discord:

Some of the exploits will still work, i’m still working to fix them. But they won’t be able to hide their names anymore, and even if they do. When a exploiter kill a boss or kill you, the name will appear on your screen. So just report it and he will get banned even if he isn’t online on the game anymore

Arrox on Discord

That’s everything we know about the 2.05 update for Roblox Demonfall! We have a bunch more details on the game in the Demonfall section of our website, so be sure to check it out.

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  1. Leito443210

    to do the lunar breathing attacks do you use breath or energy? if you need to breathe to use your atacks, how will you buff your breathing?