Diablo 4 players have expressed the need of a Gems Tab to alleviate inventory clutter

As more players get access to Diablo 4, it looks like a common complaint has been the lack of a convenient place to store gems.
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Diablo 4, the highly anticipated action RPG from Blizzard, has been generating buzz for its engaging combat and stunning visuals. However, one aspect of the game that has caused concern among players is inventory management. Specifically, the lack of a dedicated gem tab or gem sack in the game has led to some frustration, as the sheer volume of gems collected during gameplay takes up a significant portion of inventory space.

Inventory Management Challenges

In Diablo 4, players frequently collect gems as they level up and explore dungeons. These gems, used for enhancing gear and crafting powerful items, are essential to character progression. However, with no dedicated tab or storage space for them, they occupy nearly a third of a player’s inventory. This issue is compounded by the fact that players must now pick up rare items, further cluttering their inventory and necessitating frequent trips back to town to unload their bags.

Aspects, another type of resource in the game, have their own dedicated tab, but players find this puzzling as aspects are typically collected in town after extracting them from legendary items. This means that aspects are unlikely to be carried in large quantities while adventuring, making the dedicated aspect tab seem unnecessary.

Potential Solutions and Players’ Concerns

Players have suggested several potential solutions to address the inventory management problem. One popular idea is for Blizzard to implement a dedicated gem tab or replace the aspect tab with a gem tab. This change would allow players to collect gems without worrying about constantly filling up their inventory, enabling them to stay immersed in the game.

Another proposed solution is the introduction of a gem sack, an inventory item that can hold a limited number of gems (e.g., 4×4 spaces) and can be opened and closed as needed. This would provide a convenient way for players to store their gems without sacrificing too much inventory space.

Additionally, some players are concerned that Blizzard might use this issue as an opportunity to introduce a microtransaction (MTX) to the game, by offering additional inventory space or a gem tab for purchase. This has raised concerns about the potential pay-to-win implications and the impact on the game’s overall experience.

Diablo 4’s inventory management challenges, particularly the lack of a dedicated space for gems, have led to player frustration and calls for a more streamlined system. By implementing a gem tab, replacing the aspect tab, or introducing a gem sack, Blizzard could alleviate these concerns and improve the game’s overall experience. It’s crucial that the developers take player feedback into account and address these issues in a way that maintains the game’s integrity and doesn’t resort to potentially exploitative microtransactions.

Shaun Savage

Shaun Savage

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