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8 Games like Vampire Survivors

Players that have enjoyed Vampire Survivors might be looking for the next game like it conquer, so we've gathered up some games like it that you can consider trying!
Games Like Vampire Survivors Project Lazarus Image

When Vampire Survivors debuted in late 2022, it became far more popular than its developer ever imagined, so it’s no surprise that players who loved playing the roguelike shoot ’em up game are now looking to play games like Vampire Survivors. If you love intense battles featuring hundreds (or thousands) of mobs to defeat, consider playing these games like Vampire Survivors!

Games like Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, you can choose different characters, who have different base skills, and then equip weapons and passive items during a 30-minute battle to survive thousands of creatures. The game likely became quite popular due to its affordability (only $4.99), ability to be played without a huge time commitment, and how the randomness of when and what items were able to be chosen made each battle to survive a little different.

Boneraiser Minions

Games Like Vampire Survivors Boneraiser Minions Image

Boneraiser Minions has players amass an army of undead to fight against endless wave after wave of heroes trying to defeat you. It features gothic-horror themes with roguelite elements where you collect relics, spells, and upgrade as you try to survive King Gigald’s crusade. The game has received Overwhelming Positive reviews since its release date in August 2022. Boneraiser Minions is a more affordable title at $4.99 on Steam.

Soulstone Survivors

Games Like Vampire Survivors Soulstone Survivors Image

Soulstone Survivors features an endless stream of minions controlled by the Lords of the Void that players will have to defeat in this action-packed, roguelite game that uses spells, crafted weapons, and multiple characters. It releases in late 2022 and has received almost 10,000 very positive reviews on Steam. Note: it is currently in Early Access, so it is not fully complete and is actively being developed. Soulstone Survivors is currently $9.99 on Steam.

20 Minutes Till Dawn

Games Like Vampire Survivors 20 Minutes Till Dawn 1 Image

20 Minutes Till Dawn features Lovecraftian enemies that you’ll have to shoot down and face in order to survive the night. There is a diverse set of characters along with different weapons that each have unique powers, giving you different ways to survive through the night. The game released in summer of 2022 and has since received over 18,000 reviews and received a “very positive” rating on Steam, though it is still in Early Access. 20 Minutes Till Dawn is also similarly affordable at $4.99 on Steam.


Games Like Vampire Survivors Brotato Image

Brotato is a roguelite, arena shooter game that features top-down movement and allows you to play as a weapon-wielding potato. You can hold up to six weapons while fighting against waves of aliens, and you will choose different traits and skills in order to create a unique build to survive through the alien hordes. This is another late 2022 release, which has gained some popularity as over 20,000 reviews have been left on Steam and yielded it an “overwhelming positive” average. Brotato is affordable at $4.99 on Steam.

Rogue: Genesia

Games Like Vampire Survivors Genesia Image

Rogue: Genesia has players battle against enemy forces that reach hundreds, nearing on thousands, of enemies at any given time. It is an action-based, roguelite game where you play as the character Rog who is a master of all weapons. You will work to create a path through the enemies in order to defeat the boss and save the different worlds in the game. It released in September 2022 and has amassed over 3,500 very positive reviews. The game can be purchased for $4.99 on Steam.

Spellbook Demonslayers

Games Like Vampire Survivors Spellbook Demonslayers Image

Spellbook Demonslayers has players use powerful magic to defeat thousands of demons in order to protect the Cosmic Library. You’ll be able to choose different upgrades and spells as you work your through the enemies, which helps to keep the game re-playable. It released in late 2022 and has earned 700 reviews to average as “very positive” on Steam. It can be purchased for $2.99 on Steam.

Project Lazarus

Games Like Vampire Survivors Project Lazarus Image

Project Lazarus debuted in summer of 2022 and remains in Early Access on Steam. It is a more unique take on the Vampire Survivors-like game category, as it features the player as a first-party, mech pilot where you’ll have to survive by deploying and upgrading your mech. Each mech has its own control scheme and installation slots for weapons, so you will make choices on what mech and what to equip it with depending on the environment. This is what we’d consider to be an underrated/underappreciated game as it has under 1,000 reviews yet has earned a very positive rating. This game is $4.99 on Steam.


Games Like Vampire Survivors Bardbarian Image

Bardbarian features Brad the Barbarian who has found his town under attack and features a mixture of RPG, RTS, Tower Defense, shoot ’em up, and snake elements. Instead of fighting, Brad has decided to make music to save his town in an unusual way. The game currently features eight different types of enemies, four epic bosses, both endless and survival modes (with leaderboards), along with over 200 different ways to customize your party. It originally debuted in 2014 and remains a very indie game with only 700 reviews, though those reviews average out as very positive. The game is available for $7.99 on Steam.

We hope our list of games like Vampire Survivors has helped you find more roguelite, survivor-like games to consider adding to your gaming arsenal!

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