Good Vs. Evil Raid Minigame Guide in Pet Simulator 99 (PS99)

We'll let you know everything you need to about the Good vs. Evil Raid Minigame in Pet Simulator 99.
Pet Simulator 99 Ps99 Angels Vs Demons Chest Raid
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The Good vs. Evil Raid Minigame is a competition in Pet Simulator 99 (PS99) that happens every 2 hours. It’s a main part of the Angels vs Demons event, where you can battle for your favorite team (Good or Evil) and win cool prizes. Here’s everything you need to know to beat the Good vs. Evil Raid Minigame!

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How Does The Good Vs. Evil Raid Minigame Work In Pet Simulator 99?

Go to the raid door in the angels vs demons area of Pet Simulator 99 (PS99). It will be the big door with two huge pets on it. Just go through the door every 2 hours when the game is on. Inside, you’ll be in a room with a huge chest that can be broken. Once that’s broken, you go to another room with a new chest. Your goal is to smash as many chests as you can, as fast as you can.

Pet Simulator 99 Ps99 Angels Vs Demons Raid Reward
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The main thing you do in the Raid Minigame is simple. You make your pets attack to open the chests. Each chest you open gives you points, and as you go through the game, you get to open more rooms with even more chests. Just remember, the faster you open the chests, the more you can progress before the time runs out.

How To Get Prizes

There are two main ways to get prizes in the Good vs. Evil Raid Minigame. First, you get rewards based on how many chests you break. These rewards can be coins, gems, or even pets. Second, the Raid Leaderboard keeps track of your progress. Players who reach higher rooms or break more chests will move up the leaderboard and get even better rewards at the end of the event.

Pet Simulator 99 Ps99 Angels Vs Demons Leaderboard
Image: BIG Games

The top ranks can even win Big Pets for their chosen team. This means Big Sage Axolotl for Good and Big Devil Agony for Evil, but not the Huge Dragon.

Each room you get through is one point on the leaderboard. At the end of next week, the best players will be rewarded with HUGES! Team Good gets the Huge Sage Axolotl, while Team Evil gets the Huge Devil Agony.

  • Top 25 – Rainbow Huge
  • Top 250 – Gold Huge
  • Top 1,000 – Regular Huge
Pet Simulator 99 Ps99 Angels Vs Demons Raid Rewards Evil Good
Image: BIG Games

While you can play the Raid Minigame alone, it’s better to join forces with friends to clear it faster. Use your best pets with strong attack abilities to open chests quickly. Equip special abilities like Angelic (for the Good team) or Demonic (for the Evil team) to deal more damage to chests. Try to move through the raid world to reach rooms with more chests so you can earn points faster. Remember that Enchantments won’t help here. If you’re really lucky, you can get a Diamond Gift Bag too.

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