How To Get Huge Sage Axolotl or Huge Devil Agony in Pet Simulator 99 (PS99)

We've got the guide to get HUGE Sage Axolotl or HUGE Devil Agony in Pet Simulator 99's Angels vs Demons Event!
Pet Simulator 99 Ps99 Angels Vs Demons Huges
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The Sage Axolotl and Devil Agony are special pets you can get during the Angels Vs Demons event in Pet Simulator 99 (PS99). They’re hard to get, but it’s possible. This guide will show you how to get these cool pets before the event is over.

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Where Do You Get Huge Devil Agony or Huge Sage Axolotl In Pet Simulator 99

The first thing to do to get a huge pet is to get sorted into a team in Pet Simulator 99 (PS99). You can enter the world of Good vs Evil through the door of any spawn point. Like always, you get your team chosen for you. So that means you can only get the Huge Sage Axolotl or Huge Devil Agony.

You can trade with other players for the other team’s pet. This is a lot different from the Huge Dragon.

Hatching Special Eggs

Each team has special eggs to hatch. Keep hatching these eggs to reach the last stage. The final stage eggs give you a chance to hatch the big pet for your team – a Big Sage Axolotl for Angels and a Big Devil Agony for Demons.

So go through all the areas to get this opportunity.

Finishing the Raid Minigames

You can also participate in the Raid Minigame every two hours. In this game, we all work together to break chests as a team. It’s not just a fun way to get rewards, there’s also a chance of getting really cool stuff like the Huge Sage Axolotl or Huge Devil Agony just by playing.

Pet Simulator 99 Ps99 Angels Vs Demons Raid Rewards Evil Good
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Compete in the Raid Leaderboard by earning points in the Raid Minigame. The players with the most points at the end of the event will get big pets as rewards, depending on their rank and chosen team. If you’re on the winning team, then you just need to be in the top 1,000 players to get this kind of reward.

Getting A Good vs Evil Gift

The Good vs Evil Gift and Good Gift can give you the Angelic Enchant, which makes you do more damage when you break things and could help you move ahead faster. The Evil Gift offers the Demonic Enchant with the same advantage.

This is random, but eventually, you may be able to get the huge pet from a gift drop. If you’re really lucky, you can get a Diamond Gift Bag too.

Angels Vs. Demons Pack

Consider the Angels vs Demons Pack, which is available for a limited time. When you buy this pack, you might have a chance to get the Huge Pets you want, as well as other very rare Huge pets. It’s more of a waiting game as you pay to get through each spot of this like a battle pass.

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  1. bray

    i really want to know the chances of hatching this pet. ty

    1. Jorge A. Aguilar

      The developers haven’t released any percentage chances of it, but I would say it’s more common than other huge pets thanks to the amount of ways you can get it =)