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Halo Infinite promises new update with fixes and improvements

Halo Infinite promises that the next update will fix some key issues, including weapon jamming and map changes.
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Halo Infinite has just announced a new update that will address some popular issues and make a few tweaks that should clean up the gameplay.

Here’s the official tweet, which brings up problems with weapon jamming and skill jumps:

The linked blog post goes into further detail, beginning with the weapon jams. There can hardly be a more frustrating or noticeable issue in any shooter, especially when it frequently affects Halo’s beloved Battle Rifle. But after a lot of promises and work, the devs have finally resolved this one.

Players can also expect some key skill jumps to return to the game. There was an immediate backlash from fans regarding the flow of the maps, after these features were removed.

This drastically changed the speed and strategy of the gameplay. And competitive players often rely on understanding and rotation for successful games. The fans spoke up, and now 343 has admitted that they misjudged the skill jumps as weaknesses.

Live Fire, Bazaar, and Streets will have their jumps restored exactly as before. The jump in Aquarius will also return, though it will be adjusted so that players can better predict collision and traversal.

Smaller tweaks and details

Aside from basic stability and appearance updates, the tank gun will be available in Outpost Tremonius again, and a variety of other bugs have been fixed. The highlights of these are the Equipment Pods and Spartan Core fixes.

Last Spartan Standing has only been providing Power Equipment, which are just the Overshield and Active Camo. This leaves out a lot of crucial equipment, which will be restored in the next update.

Spartan Cores were already a chore to collect, and they recently stopped being counted correctly. This prevented players from upgrading their equipment, but they will be accumulated properly in the next update.

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