Haze Piece Haki Guide – Buso, Observation, & Conqueror’s

If you wondering how to get Haki in Haze Piece we've got you covered. In this guide, we explain how to get Buso Haki, allowing you to hurt Logia users, Observation Haki allowing you to dodge, and Conquerors Haki allowing you to assert dominance.
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In Haze Piece, players have the opportunity to obtain special fruits, each with its own set of unique abilities. One of these is the rare Devil Fruit known as the Logia Effect, allowing players to transform their body into a specific natural element, control it, and even be immune to regular enemy attacks. However, to effectively counter a Logia user, you’ll need the power of Haki. Specifically, Haze Piece has three types of Haki: Buso Haki, Observation Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain all three.

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How to get all Haki in Haze Piece

You can get three types of Haki in Haze Piece, which are incredibly different: Buso, Observation, and Conquerors Haki. Buso Haki allows you to hurt Logia Devilfruit users, meaning even after they have transformed, they can be hurt. Observation Haki will enable you to dodge and not take any damage, and Conquerors Haki makes you assert your dominance over weaker enemies. All three types of Haki have specific requirements that must be met to get them in Haze Piece. Here’s how to get Buso Haki, Observation, and Conquerors Haki in Haze Piece.

How to get Buso Haki in Haze Piece

Buso Haki allows you to inflict damage on Logia Devilfruit users. There are two levels to this Haki, each with its requirements.

How to get Buso Haki Level 1 in Haze Piece

Character speaking to the level 1 Buso Haki trainer
Image: Raf_Dev

To unlock Buso Haki level 1, you must accumulate $100,000 cash and reach level 350 in Haze Piece. Once you’ve achieved this, head to Logue Town. Go towards the tallest building in Logue Town to find an NPC called Old Man Silver, the Buso Trainer. Interact with him, and he’ll offer to unlock level 1 of Buso once you’ve met the requirements. Buso Haki level 1 gives you +5% Sword and Combat damage.

How to get Buso Haki Level 2 in Haze Piece

For level 2 of Buso Haki, you’ll need $250,000 cash and a Haze Piece level of 1150 or higher. Your next stop is the Revolutionary Island. To get there, it is best to start from Logue Town. Have Old Man Silver to be on your right, and go directly straight. On your left will be an island with giant trees; go past that, and you’ll see an island with large rock pillars.

A blue phoenix flying in the sky with Revolutionary Island like a silhouette in the background
Image: Raf_Dev

Once there, seek out the Buso Level 2 Trainer. After finding him, he’ll offer to unlock the Haki for $250,000, provided you’re level 1150 or above. After you’ve met the criteria, click Accept, and you’ll obtain Buso Level 2 Haki, enhancing your Sword and Combat damage by +7.5%.

If you need help finding either of the Buso Haki trainers, use this Buso Haki YouTube video by Raf_Dev to help you.

How to get Observation Haki in Haze Piece

Observation Haki is all about dodging attacks. Like Buso Haki, it has two levels, each with specific requirements.

How to get Observation Haki Level 1 in Haze Piece

Character speaking to the level 1 Observation Haki trainer
Image: Raf_Dev

To unlock the first level of Observation Haki, you must be at level 600 and possess $150,000. Your journey begins at the Marine Base Island, past Clown Island, if you’re starting from the Starter Island. Once on the Marine Base Island, find the individual labeled as (Level 1) Observation Haki dancing and interact with them. If you meet the prerequisites, you’ll unlock Haki Level 1, granting you the ability to dodge three times.

If you’re confused about the location of Marine Base Island, follow this YouTube video by Raf_Dev.

How to get Observation Haki Level 2 in Haze Piece

After obtaining Observation Haki Level 1, you need to be level 1500 and have $200,000 in Haze Piece. Set sail to Bubble Island, located near Skull Island. To get to Bubble Island, begin from the Starting Island, and from the AFK Rewards fire, head straight past the Rocky Pillars, and you’ll see a Sky Island above. Keep going; you’ll eventually see Bubble Island on your right, with large trees all over it.

On Bubble Island, to the left of the yellow portal next to a house, is the (Level 2) Observation Haki NPC (who is also dancing.) Speak with them, and once you’ve met the requirements, you can unlock Observation Haki Level 2, which will grant you 5 dodges instead of 3.

If you’re unsure how to find Bubble Island, follow this Observation Haki YouTube video by Raf_Dev.

How to get Observation Haki Level 3 in Haze Piece [Sea 2]

Want to snag Observation Haki v3 in Haze Piece? First, make sure you’re at level 2500 and have a cool $1,000,000 Beli. Yep, that’s a million Beli. Your next destination is Second Sea, the fresh ocean zone from the Sea 2 Magnet update.

Not sure how to get to Second Sea? We’ve got a guide for that here: how to get to Sea 2 in Haze Piece. Once you’re there, set sail for Desert Island. It’s the Level 2700 island on your in-game map.

When you land on Desert Island, make a beeline for the clock tower. It’s a big landmark, you can’t miss it. On the flip side of that clock tower, tucked away, is your Observation Haki v3 trainer, dancing just like the previous Haki trainers. Check out our image below to help spot this elusive NPC. Nail this, and you’ll upgrade from five to a whopping seven dodges.

Haze Piece Observation Haki V3 Trainer
Image: Nikkolapz

How to get Conqueror’s Haki in Haze Piece

To get Conqueror’s Haki, otherwise called Conquerors Spirit in Haze Piece, there’s currently only two ways to acquire it, and neither of them is from special trainers, like Buso and Observation Haki. You can either get lucky and roll the D-Clan race when spinning, which is a 0.1% chance, or can purchase it for Robux for 2,499 Robux.

The D-Clan race comes with the Conqueror’s Spirit and is the only race that gets this special Haki. If you are another race and what Conquerors Haki in Haze Piece, you need to pay for it with Robux. So there are your two choices: acquiring tons of race spins from Robux or going AFK for long periods of time. Go the quick route and pay for it, or the long route based on luck.

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