Haze Piece Sword Tier List [Dough Trident] (November 2023) – Best Weapons Ranked!

If you want to get the best weapons in Haze Piece, we've got a tier list that will help you figure out which ones you should be aiming for!
Haze Piece Swords 3ss Bisento V1 Seabeast Hammer
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Are you playing Haze Piece but want to know the best One Piece-inspired weapons to use? Use our Haze Piece Sword tier list, and you’ll know what the best swords, hammers, and more to use. If you’re like me, I want the best equipment you can get; this tier list will help you! We’ve updated this with a new weapon that was released in the Haze Piece Dough + Soul update, Dough Trident!

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Best Haze Piece Weapon Tier List

This guide categorizes the best weapons in Haze Piece, so you always know the best swords to use! The following Haze Piece Tier List ranks the currently available weapons into these tiers:

  • S-Tier: OP
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good
  • C-tier: Average

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Best Weapons in Haze Piece

Haze Piece S-Tier Weapons

Haze Piece Three Sword Style 3SS3 Sword StyleZ: Pound Phoenix
X: Purgatory Onigiri
C: 3000 Worlds
Haze Piece YoruYoru (Dark Blade)Z: Dark Slash. Swings a massive projectile. (Sword Level 50)
X: Rapid Slashes. Multi-hit sword barrage that does devastating damage. (Sword Level 150)
A dark red bladeRaiu SwordZ: Bloody Barrage (Sword Level 50)
X: Crimson Dash (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece Enma SwordEnma BladeZ: Inferno Impact (Sword Level 50)
X: Twisting Blaze (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece ShusuiShusuiZ: Thrust Barrage (Sword Level lvl 50)
X: Star Impact (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece SeaBeast Hammer V2SeaBeast Hammer (v2)Z: Water Blast (Sword Level 50)
X: Havoc Shockwave (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece Dual AxeDual AxeZ: Flesh Harvest (Sword Level 50)
X: Harvest Impact (Sword Level 150)
A dark bisento with golden handleBisento V2Z: Shattering Orb. Creates a tremor ball that destroys anything in its path. (Sword Level 50)
X: Shattering Impact. Slam Bisento down, causing aoe tremor shockwaves. (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece Mace V2Mace V2Z: Bauga Rush (Sword Level 50)
X: Violet Judgement (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece Dough TridentDough TridentZ: Drill Thrust (Sword Level 50)
X: Trident Slam (Sword Level 150)

Haze Piece A-Tier Weapons

A white Roblox character holding a pure golden staffGolden StaffElectricity passive:
Z: Thunder Blast. (Sword Level 50)
X: Thunder Strikes. (Sword Level 50)
A cane that looks like an umbrella with a purple handle, Soul CaneZ: Soul Thrust. Sends a chilling projectile towards the target. (Sword Level 50)
X: Soul Parade. Freezes enemies around you. (Sword Level 100)
Roblox character wielding two swords2 Sword Style V2Z: Cross Slash. Launches a huge air projectile towards the target (Sword Level )
X: Twister. Creates a powerful whirlwind and launches it towards an opponent. (Sword Level 150)
Haze Piece Operation BladeOperation BladeZ: Injection Shot. (Sword Level 50)
X: Electric Discharge. (Sword Level 150
A giant wooden hammerSea Beast HammerX: Sea Destroyer (Sword Level 50)
Z: Water Blast (Sword Level 150

Haze Piece B-Tier Weapons

Roblox character wielding two blue swords2 Sword StyleZ: Cross Slash. Launches an X shaped air projectile towards the target (Sword Level 50)
X: Twister. Creates a powerful whirlwind to knock opponents back (Sword Level 150
Haze Piece Fisherman TridentFisherman TridentZ: Water Shot. (Sword Level 50)
‌X: Water Repulse. (Sword Level 150)
A red bisento with a gold guard and silver bladeBisento V1Z: Shattering Orb. Creates a tremor ball that destroys anything in its path. (Sword Level 50)
X: Shattering Impact. Slam Bisento down, causing AoE tremor shockwaves. (Sword Level 150)
A Roblox avatar holding a deadly looking scythe with a snowflake emblem on itKrampus ScytheZ: Chilling Spikes. (Sword Level 50)
X: Holiday Spirit. (Sword Level 150)

Haze Piece C-Tier Weapons

A floating silver pipePipeFlame Passive: +10% Fire Effect
Z: Fire Shot. Shoots a bullet made of compressed fire (Sword Level 50)
X: Flamethrower. Releases a stream of fire from the pipe, cooking enemies. (Sword Level 150)
A white Roblox avatar holding a massive black spiky maceMaceZ: Earth Crash. Slams the ground, causing impact damage to anyone nearby. (Sword Level 50)
X: Bagua. Send yourself charging towards a target. (Sword Level 150)
A katana with a red handle and gold sword guardKatanaZ: Lion’s Song. Quickly unsheathes, sword while passing by the enemy, and then resheathes the sword sword, cutting the enemy down. (Sword Level 30)
X: Air Slash. This attack uses the air itself to slash the target from a distance. The user performs a swing that launches the air compressed projectile towards the target. (Sword Level 50)
Roblox character with red hair holding a sword resembling shark teethShark BladeZ: Shark Smash. Slams the heavy blade onto the ground, causing impact damage to anyone nearby. (Sword Level 50)
X: Shark Hurricane. The user performs a circular swing that creates a spiraling hurricane around the player, damaging anyone close to the user. (Sword Level 150)

Haze Piece Weapons not in the game yet

The following are weapons coming in future updates for Haze Piece but are not currently in the game. These cannot be tiered since they can’t be obtained.

  • Gryphon

Haze Piece Tier List FAQ

How do the Tiers Work?

Our tiers are ranked from best to worst and assess the overall usefulness of the ability.

  • S-Tier: These are the best-of-the-best and likely overpowered. If you get one of these, you should keep it and not change anything.
  • A-Tier: These are outstanding performers and would be a great addition to your character. Due to the rarity of an S-Tier, it might be better to just hold onto one of these because the other ones are so hard to get.
  • B-Tier: Can be good for a while, but you will likely want to upgrade these at some point.
  • C-Tier: While not great it at least functions as somewhat of an improvement to your character.
  • D-Tier: Worst of the worst and provides no benefit. Should be spun away as soon as possible.

How were the Rankings Decided?

When creating our tier lists, we strive to gather information from a variety of sources. Although our gameplay experience serves as one reference point, our primary goal is to create comprehensive lists that cater to a wide range of playstyles. To achieve this, we also consider the rankings and opinions of other players in the game community.

When is the Haze Piece Weapon Tier List Updated?

Our team is committed to keeping the list current by regularly revising it to reflect new releases and balance changes. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check back periodically to stay updated with the latest rankings.

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