How Do Raids Work in AoT Revolution?

We've got the ultimate guide to conquering Raids in AoT Revolution!
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Raids are a new team game mode introduced in Update 1 of Attack on Titan Revolution (AoT Revolution). They give you a tough challenge to beat with other players and let you earn cool stuff. Below, we’ll explain how they work.

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AoT Revolution – How Do Raids Work?

Raids in Attack on Titan Revolution (AoT Revolution) can be done with a team (or solo if you have AFK players). Raids have three levels: Hard, Severe, and Aberrant. The level you pick decides how tough the enemies will be and the quality of the rewards you’ll get. Teamwork is super important in raids, so playing with friends or finding a group in chat is best. Trust us, even at the lowest level, you’ll lose quickly if you try to go solo. We’ve yet to find a player that has done this successfully.

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The current raid revolves around the Attack Titan. Your objective is to work together and defeat waves of Titans while protecting Eren Yeager. The number of waves increases depending on how many players are on your team.

The raid is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Defense: In this phase, your team needs to defend Eren for a set number of waves. Focus on killing titans quickly and efficiently to prevent them from reaching him. Aim for the skull icon connected to a titan’s limb for maximum damage. If Eren falls during this phase, the mission shifts to a “retreat” objective, where you have to eliminate the remaining titans for a smaller reward.
  • Phase 2: Attack Eren: Once you successfully defend Eren, you’ll enter a combat phase where you have to defeat him. Target the nape of his neck for the fastest takedown, but aiming for the skull icons on his limbs is also effective.

What Do You Get From Raids In AoT Revolution?

Upon completing the raid, you’ll receive two chests, Raid and Emperor’s Trove. These have things like Serum and Attack Shards. Only the Raider’s Chest opens for free, the other you need a key for. We’ve got a guide on the Emporer’s Trove if you have any trouble. Otherwise, Raids are what you’d expect, and work as they do in other games.

You also get Gold, that increases depending on the difficulty and your level. The Experience stacks with higher levels too.

You can technically do raids alone, but we don’t recommend it. There’s too much going on, and the game won’t try to make it easy for you. It’s just better to go with a group.

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