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How to change status in Discord (2022) – Mobile & PC!

We'll walk you through the steps of changing your status on Discord whether you are on PC or Mobile!
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Discord is a big platform that allows you to create groups, servers, and keep in touch with your friends. You can use it to chat with people via text messaging, voice, and even video calls. It is a very versatile piece of software that can be used on mobile or computer. If you’re looking to change your status in Discord on your iPhone, Android, PC, or whatever else you have then we’ll show you how in this guide!

Changing Status

To change your status with Discord, you will need to access your user profile by either clicking on your avatar or opening it in mobile. You can then go to the Set Status option and select whether or not you want to have a status of Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb, Invisible, or set your own custom status!

Each status has a color that corresponds to it. Active is green, Idle is yellow, Do Not Disturb is Red, Invisible is Gray, and your Custom Status will either be green or the emoji you choose.

Change PC Status

Changing your status on PC is very simple, just look to the bottom left of the application to find your avatar. Your current status will be displayed as a color over it. All you need to do is click on the avatar to open up a popup window that will allow you to pick your status!

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Mobile Status

To change your stats on mobile, you just need to tap on your avatar in the bottom navigation on the right. Once you do, you will open up your account options. Tap on Set Status at the top of the screen and choose the status you’d like to use!

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Status Definitions

Both Online and Idle are pretty much the same thing, but Idle gives the idea that you aren’t currently at your device. Custom is just for fun mostly, and is just to give you a way to add whatever you want. The other status options have a bit more to them.

  • Do Not Disturb – You will not receive notifications when you enable this status.
  • Invisible – You will not appear online, but you will be able to actively use all of Discord. Pretty much just hides you from your friends and people on servers.

That is everything you need to know about changing your status with Discord. Check out the Discord section of our website for more useful information about the messaging software!

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