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How to destroy Tanks in Fortnite

We'll show you how to use weak points and other methods to destroy tanks in Fortnite!
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Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 has arrived, and with it has come a bunch of new additions and changes to the game. These include the removal of building temporarily, climbing, tactical sprinting, and the new tank vehicle. While the tank likely wouldn’t be as problematic if building was around, it is currently pretty powerful and can delete you from the game really fast! If you want to know how to deal with them, we’ll show you how in this guide.

How to Destroy a Tank

To destroy tanks in Fortnite, you will need to fire at weak points on the vehicle, blow them up with C4, and utilize cover that can’t be destroyed by the tank’s fire.

Tanks in Fortnite have weak spots that can be exploited with normal gunfire from any gun. Grab your best assault rifle or other weapon and look for the hatch on the front where the driver is sitting. If you fire at this a few times it will open up and expose the driver. You can then shoot them and you can takeover the tank yourself!

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On the rear section of the tank, you will two yellow vents. If you shoot at these locations enough the tank will overheat and become disabled. This should give you enough time to either throw C4 on it and blow it up or take out the driver before it can be used again.

You will know when the tank is disabled when the rear vents burst into flame, spark, and billow smoke. This is only temporary but it should give you time to either escape or blow it up.

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C4 or Remote Explosives are a good option for tanks, but they obviously require you to either get close to the tank or draw them into an area where you’ve planted them. These will blow up the tank if you can explode them when it is nearby, but it is a risky solution to the problem.

One strategy shared by Ben Ritt on YouTube is to jump on top of a tree and shoot down at the tank. The driver of the vehicle will have a very time figuring out where you are and you can either shoot them or just blow it up with regular gunfire.

A more basic strategy is to make sure to stay far away from tanks and use non-destructible terrain to avoid getting blown up. While most things can be destroyed in Fortnite, you can use the ridge of a hill or mountain to shoot down on a tank and then back away when they fire at you. The ridge will take the impact and you should remain unscathed!

That’s everything you need to know about destroying tanks in Fortnite. Be sure to check out the Fortnite section of our website for more great content!

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