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How to gain Health in DogLife

If you're wondering how to boost your health back up in DogLife, we'll show you how in this guide!
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DogLife is the new game released by Candywriter, who are the makers of the popular mobile game, BitLife. In this game, you will be living the life of a dog. You will have to hope for a good owner, might find yourself in the pound, or you could just be making your bones on the streets. Whichever life you end up living, you will be hounded by a variety of dangers and obstacles as you live it. While exploring being a dog, you will inevitably get yourself injured. If you want to gain back your health, we’ll show you how in this guide!

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Gaining Health in DogLife

To get health in DogLife, you will need to perform different tasks to recover it. Health is an important stat because it will determine your likelihood of surviving whenever you age forward in the game.

One way to gain health back is to Play, which can be found in the activities menu. This is an easy one, because your will just play by yourself and aren’t super at risk of anything bad happening. The one problem with Play is that you can’t do it while you’re in the pound. You will only gain health once per time you Play during an age. Once you age up, you can do it again and should gain more health.

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Another way to raise your health stat is to learn a trick. You can do this in the same Activities menu as Play, but this time under the Tricks option. Select any trick and use the Practice it option. If you don’t have Top Dog, then you will have to watch an ad before it works. Once you’ve practiced the trick, you should gain some health back. It appears you can also only use this method once per age to gain some health.

If you’re particularly low on health, you will sometimes get the +Boost option. This shows up in BitLife as well, and you can use it to get a quick boost of health. Top Dog users will get it instantly, and free players will have to wait through an advertisement. The +Boost will only show up randomly, you can’t really control it.

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If you have an injury of some sort, you can use the Act Sick option in the Household or Pound menu. Select your owner or a guard at the pound and use Act Sick. If they are convinced, they will take you to the vet and hopefully fix your issue!

Street dogs have another alternative available to them and that is to scavenge for food. Once you’re old enough, just go under the Activities option and look for Scavenge. You will then play the shell game, where you follow an item that has been placed in one container with your eye and pick the correct option once they stop moving. If you choose correctly, you will gain some health back!

That’s all of the information we have about gaining health in DogLife! You can find out more about the game in the DogLife section of our website.

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