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DogLife Achievements List Guide – How to get them!

We're taking a look at all of the achievements in DogLife and how to complete them!
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DogLife is the new game released by Candywriter, who are the makers of the popular mobile game, BitLife. In this game, you will be living the life of a dog. You will have to hope for a good owner, might find yourself in the pound, or you could just be making your bones on the streets. Whichever life you end up living, you will be hounded by a variety of dangers and obstacles as you live it. While you’re experiencing what it would be like as a pooch, you can earn yourself quite a few achievements. We’ll show you which ones you can earn, and how to earn them in this guide.

DogLife Achievements List

  • & Stay Out! – Get kicked out on the street
  • 2-pc Wing Dinner – Eat a bird
  • A Clean Hit – Break someone’s bong
  • A New Leash on Life – Have your name changed
  • A Subtle Sting – Sniff a sweaty crotch
  • Addict – Develop a drug addiction
  • An Apple a Day – Get kicked out of the vet’s office
  • Around the Block – Live on 10 streets in one life
  • Authority Issues – Maul your owner to death
  • BDE: Big Dog Energy – Have a large dog submit to you
  • Bad Product – Get kicked out of the pet store
  • Birthing Company – Give birth to a litter of 3
  • Bustin’ Out! – Escape from home
  • Chicken Run – Have a run in with animal control
  • Complete a Life – Complete a full life
  • Delivered to the Heavens – Kill the mailman
  • Do It for the kids – Try to save a marriage
  • Family Ties – Successfully mate with an offspring
  • Fear the Fangs – Bite a tiger
  • Fertile Furball – Have 30 offspring in one life
  • Foam at the Mouth – Contract rabies
  • Funny Bone – Attack a clown
  • Furry Legend – Complete every other achievement
  • Guerrilla Warfare – Survive a gorilla attack
  • Here’s to Evolution – Have an interspecies tryst
  • Horndog – Have 10 mates in one life
  • Iatrophobia – Escape from the vet’s office
  • Infected! – Give rabies to another animal
  • Interbreeder – Climax while humping a human
  • Just Around the Riverbend – Cross a river safely
  • Life Sentence – Survive 10 consecutive years in the shelter
  • Love Wins – Support your owner coming out
  • Mature Mammal – See your 15th birthday
  • My Mane Man – Cuddle with a lion
  • Nonfatal Decision – Escape from the shelter
  • Nosed Around – Add 50 animals to your scent database
  • Not Very Lice – Get called a fleabiscuit
  • Not for Sale – Escape from the pet store
  • One Trick Pony – Master a trick
  • Over Sheltered – Get returned to the shelter
  • Pawcifist – Submit to an aggressor
  • Pleasant Perfume – Attract multiple males to your scent
  • Porcelain Springs – Drink out of the toilet
  • Quarter-centenarian – See your 25th birthday
  • Rabid Creature – Give rabies to a human
  • Revolving Merchandise – Get returned to the pet store
  • Ruh-roh, Raggy! – Have a paranormal encounter
  • Service Animal Certified – Save someone’s life
  • Show-off – Master 10 tricks in one life
  • Sly Cooper – Evade the animal catcher
  • Still Learning New Tricks – See your 20th birthday
  • That’s Amore – Slurp a spaghetti noodle
  • The Nose Knows – Locate a lost animal in your scent database
  • They See Me Rollin’ – Go for a ride in a Rolls Royce
  • Time Traveler – Use the time machine
  • We are Castaways – Stow away on a ship to a distant land
  • Well-traveled – Emigrate with your owner
  • Why Is It Spicy? – Sniff an animal that smells like wasabi
  • Witchcraft – Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor
  • ZAP! – Get struck by lightning

DogLife Achievements Guide

The game has just released, so we will be working on adding information on how you get all of the achievements below. Some of them are pretty self-explanatory, which means you won’t find them listed below.

& Stay Out!

Get kicked out on the street

Bark, snarl, and do whatever it takes to terrorize your owner and hopefully they will throw you out on the street. You will sometimes get brought to the pound, but eventually you should find someone willing to throw you out.

A New Leash on Life Achievement

Have your name changed

Getting your name changed will likely happen if you get adopted from a shelter. To get adopted, you should try to do tricks in the Activities tab. You will hopefully catch someone’s attention and they might adopt you. If so, there’s a chance that they will rename you!

A Subtle Sting Achievement

Sniff a sweaty crotch

This is a simple one, where you just need to sniff crotches in the Hierarchy tab. It’s unlikely going to happen when sniffing another dog, so focus on humans if you want this achievement.

Do It for the Kids Achievement

Try to save a marriage

If you have two owners that are married, you will have to hope one of them tries to cheat on the other. If this happens, you will want to attack the people that they brought home, which will earn you the achievement for trying to save the marriage!

One Trick Pony

Master a trick

This is an easy one, just repeatedly try to learn the same trick under the Tricks option in Activities. If you don’t have Top Dog, you’ll have to watch an advertisement for each time you practice it. Once you fill the Skill bar for a particular trick to nearly full, you will receive the achievement.


Emigrate with your owner

Pretty much pure luck, you will need to be owned by a person and hope they emigrate to another country at some point during your life.


Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor

You can only visit the Witch Doctor if you are living as a stray on the streets. You will also need to be inflicted with some kind of disease before you visit them. It’s a risky move going to the Witch Doctor, because things could end badly, however, if it does go badly you can close out of the application and try again until you get cured!

That’s all of the information we have about playing DogLife on an Apple device! You can find out more about the game in the DogLife section of our website.

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  1. iadepup

    In order to succeed at the castaway one, you have to pass the sewer game while living on the streets!