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How to gain Respect in DogLife

We'll show you how you can gain the respect of animals and people alike in DogLife!
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DogLife is the new game released by Candywriter, who are the makers of the popular mobile game, BitLife. In this game, you will be living the life of a dog. You will have to hope for a good owner, might find yourself in the pound, or you could just be making your bones on the streets. Whichever life you end up living, you will be hounded by a variety of dangers and obstacles as you live it. Whether in the pound or on the streets, you might eventually want to get adopted by a human. We’ll tell you how in this guide!

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Gaining Respect

To gain respect in DogLife, it will depend on what scenario you are current in. You will find yourself either adopted, at the animal shelter, or as a stray on the street. Each one of these will require you to do slightly different things to raise your respect stat.


When you’re living life in a home with an owner, you can use the Act Up option under Activities to gain a bit of respect. You want to be careful with this because if you strain your relationship with your owner too much, you could get sent to the pound. So, balance making nice with your owner and acting up. If you’re sharing the household with other pets, you will need to head to the Dominance Hierarchy menu, and you can then pick one of the animals on the list. From these options you can choose to Attack, Bark, or Snarl at them. These will all gain you respect if they are successful, but if the animal fights back you might not gain anything and can possibly lose respect.

One tip is to make sure not to challenge any of the animals that are particularly high on the list until you get close to them in the rankings.


While you are on the streets, you’re going to have to garner the respect of the animals that live on the street that you are occupying. This process is very similar to the adopted animals you share a household with. Choose one of the animals, and decide on an option to challenge them. If you’re successful you will gain respect.

Animal Shelter

In the animal shelter, you will find some pretty mean animals but they will be tamed by most of the same tricks you can use when being adopted and on the streets. The one addition is that you can harass the guards, but be careful when doing so. If you do it too much you could possibly get euthanized, which ends the life of the animal. Stick to barking, lunging, or snarling at them.

Restarting the App

If you do fail at your attempt to gain respect, you can close out of the application and re-open it to negate the action that you took. You need to do this before you close the window displaying the outcome in the game. This won’t work if you die, but it does work for the majority of bad things that happen to you in the game. If you haven’t played BitLife, this trick is commonly used due to the random nature of these games.

That’s everything you need to know about gaining respect in DogLife! You can find out more about the game in the DogLife section of our website.

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