How to Get 1SS (1 Sword Style) in Legacy Piece

Want to know how to get 1SS (1 Sword Style) in Legacy Piece? Then use our guide as we tell you everything you need to know!
Legacy Piece 1ss Island
Image: Legacy Piece Trello

If you’re looking to unlock the powerful 1 Sword Style (1SS) in Legacy Piece, this guide will walk you through the process of acquiring it step by step. With 1SS obtained, you’re one step toward becoming Roronoa Zoro!

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Legacy Piece 1SS Guide – 1 Sword Style

In Legacy Piece, the 1 Sword Style is a dynamic and accessible fighting technique that can be utilized by players of all levels, but make sure you have at least 1,000 Beli to purchase it.

Steps to Unlock 1 Sword Style

  1. Acquire a Sword: Begin by equipping a sword, which can be obtained from Fusha Island. You have three options:
    • Purchase the Crude Cutlass or Hakuouki Katana for 850 Beli from the shop behind the bar.
    • Acquire the Higuma Katana for free as a boss drop by defeating Higuma The Bandit Boss. It is advisable to obtain the Higuma Katana for free and save your Beli, but it may take a few tries for it to drop.
  2. Visit 1SS Island: Travel from Fusha Island (Starting Island) to 1SS Island, which is located to the East and requires passing by Shells Town. Upon arrival, use the spawn crystal at the entrance to set your spawn point.
Legacy Piece 1ss Island Map
Image: Try Hard Guides / Legacy Piece Trello
  1. Interact with the Sword Style Trainer: Find the Sword Style Trainer on the left side of the path leading from the docks into the island. Speak to the trainer, who will task you with defeating two NPCs known as Trained Swordsmen. Head to the dojo, defeat the swordsmen outside, then return to the instructor.
Legacy Piece 1SS Instuctor Undearneath Canopy
Image: Raf_Dev
  1. Complete Weight Training: After defeating the swordsmen, proceed to the dojo again by following the waypoint, and strengthen your character through Weight Training. Interact with the mat, complete the training, and return to the trainer.
Legacy Piece 1SS Weight Training
Image: Raf_Dev
  1. Engage in Battles: Prepare for battles with the instructor and then the final instructor, Mirage Lotus. These battles will occur back to back, so be ready. Once victorious, return to the instructor to officially learn 1SS.
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  1. Ken

    I already done on 1ss but i cant buy a Black leg combat

    1. Jorge A. Aguilar

      The 1SS isn’t needed for Black Leg Combat as far as I know. It can be purchased from Sanji (level 65-80) on Baratie. You can purchase this Fighting Style for 1K Beli from him on the top floor. It’s most likely that he’s wearing a suit, has yellowish-blond hair, and has a tiny bit of facial hair.