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How to get Basketball MVP in BitLife

If you're looking to become the best basketball player in BitLife, you will need to earn yourself the League MVP!
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While winning a titles is great and all, sometimes you need to know that you’re the best in the business. Well, if you’re playing basketball, you will need to get yourself the MVP award to know that for a fact. This is a hard one, because BitLife can be a bit random, but we will tell you how to maximize your chances with this guide.

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BitLife MVP of the NBA Guide

To become the basketball MVP for a season in BitLife, you will need to get your greatness stat to at least over 90%. If you can make it there, you will have a chance to get the MVP award.

The greatness stat appears to be the most important aspect of obtaining the MVP in BitLife. You will find it at the bottom of your stats list when you are on a professional sports team. To raise the stat up, you need to boost everyone of your skills. This can be done in the Job menu, under Professional Athlete, and Practice. Each sports has multiple skills you can improve, so you need to practice each one at least once per year.

Another way to boost your abilities is to maximize your Fitness level. this can be done from the Professional Athlete menu, but you need to find the Train option. It should be at the bottom of the list. Do each of the options until your Fitness is maxed out. You will only gain stats once per time you do it in a year.

When your stats go up, your greatness level will increase. Once you’re at least over 90%, you can make an effort to try for the MVP. I would recommend getting to 95%, but it’s unclear what exact percentage is required.

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Once you have the high greatness stat, you will then want to age up and see how the season plays out. You can get different awards, such as defensive and offensive player of the year. You don’t want those, and if you get one of them try closing out of the application completely and re-opening it to see what you get!

If you haven’t gotten it after many restarts, then you might just need to get more greatness. Accept the season and then go through another round of practice and fitness training. You will hopefully get closer to 100% and give yourself a better chance. Try some more resets and repeat until successful!

That’s everything you need to know to get the basketball MVP in BitLife! If you want to learn more about the game, check out all of our guides in the BitLife section of the site.

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