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BitLife Mamba Challenge Guide – How to complete it!

We're taking a detailed look at how to complete BitLife Mamba Challenge in this guide! Learn what it takes to step in the shoes of the late great Kobe Bryant.
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It’s time to become one of the most iconic NBA players of all-time by finishing the Mamba Challenge in BitLife and roleplaying as Kobe Bryant. He was well-known for his high level of play in basketball, so to replicate his accomplishments you are going to have to go pro, trash talk, win many championships, become MVP, and go so far as to get into the Hall of Fame! This won’t be an easy set of tasks to accomplish, so make sure to keep reading because we’ll walk you through the exact step-by-step process you need to take to complete it!

How to complete the Mamba Challenge

Time needed: 15 minutes.

To complete the Mamba Challenge in BitLife, you will need to become a pro basketball player, trash talk 3+ opponents, win 5+ championships, win an MVP award, and get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  1. Start a new character

    When you start your character I would head for the United States for a more authentic experience, but you should be able to start in any country that has basketball. If you have God Mode, set your Special Talent as Sports. Max out all of your attributes as well. If you don’t have God Mode, you don’t really have to worry about starting attributes. However, the one you do worry about is hidden from you which will determine your athletic ability. You will just have to wait and see how athletic your character is.

  2. Martials Arts & Walking

    Once you reach age 8, you should find the Martial Arts and Walk options available under the Mind & Body menu. You will want to do each of these at least once a year. These should boost your athleticism in preparation for when we join sports. I recommend doing Speed Walking and for as long as possible when doing a Walk. This also should keep your health stat high.

  3. Join the Basketball Team

    Once you reach age 11 or so (Middle or Secondary School), you can find out how good of an athlete your character is. Just select your school, then pick Activities. Find the Basketball Team and you will be shown your athleticism and health. If you are still low, you can age up and do your Martial Arts and Walk, but you should also have Gym available to you now. This will hopefully keep boosting you until you max it out in a few years. You don’t have to have max athleticism to join, so try and join as soon as it’s possible. Once you’re on the team, practice a few times a year. It should increase your athleticism further!

  4. Join the University Basketball Team

    You should hopefully have maxed out your athleticism at this point, and when you hit 18 you should go to University. You might not get a scholarship, but get in however you can. Once you’ve entered into College, join the Basketball team by going to University > Activities. If you don’t get in during the first year, workout and do all your physical stuff to hopefully get in the following year. Once you’re on the team, make sure to keep working out and practice a few times a year. You need to make sure your performance stat for the team is nearly maxed before you graduate!

  5. Enter the Draft

    If you graduate University with high enough stats in athleticism and performance on the basketball team you should be offered to enter the draft. If so, go ahead and do so and you will get picked to a team. If not, you can still workout and go to the Jobs > Special Careers > Professional Sports menu and tryout for a team!

  6. Practice and Train

    Once you’re on a team, you will need to practice a variety of skills and train. Practice each available skill once per year, and train each available focus at least once. If you get injured, then close out of the application and restart it. You don’t want to lose a year in your goal.

  7. Trash talk and keep training

    You likely won’t be the best player stat wise yet, so you’ll need to keep training up your character every year. If you get a chance to trash talk, make sure to take it because you’ll need to do it at least three times.Bitlife Trash Talk Image

  8. Request a trade or sign a new contract

    If your team isn’t high in the rankings and you aren’t winning championships, then you’re going to need to get to another team. If your contract is up, then try to sign elsewhere. If not, then go to the League menu and select one of the high ranking teams. You can request a trade, if they don’t accept you, try closing out of your app and trying again or going with a lower rank team. You can also just request a trade, but you could get on a worse team with this option!

  9. Get Lucky

    At this point it is pure luck whether or not you win championships, trash talk, and get an MVP. I have had max stats in everything and still haven’t gotten the award. The championship is also luck, because you can be on the best team and you won’t finish in 1st! Once you reach around 30 years old, you’ll want to start closing the application out if you don’t win the title (make sure to do this before accepting the results of the season!). You can then run the season back again and hopefully get lucky! You need to complete all of these things before you hit age 40, because once you do you won’t be able to get back on a team.Bitlife Basketball Mvp Image

  10. Retire

    If you were lucky enough to win the five championships, trash talk the three players, and get an MVP then as long as you’ve played at least over 15 seasons then you can retire. With all of those accolades and accomplishment, you should end up in the Hall of Fame after you age up for a little while. You are only eligible for the Hall of Fame after a certain amount of years after you haven’t played or retired!Bitlife Basketball Hall Of Fame Image

That’s everything you need to know about completing the BitLife Mamba Challenge! If you want to learn more about the game, check out all of our guides in the BitLife section of the site.

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