How to Get Bloodmoon Twins Swords in King Legacy (Update 6)

Want to get your hands on the Mythical Bloodmoon Twins swords in King Legacy? Then use our guide on how to get them!
King Legacy Bloodmoon Twins

If you’re aiming to obtain the powerful Bloodmoon Twins Blade in King Legacy (Update 6), you’ll need to follow a specific set of steps. Here’s a simple guide to help you acquire this formidable weapon and add it to your arsenal.

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King Legacy Bloodmoon Twins Guide

First things first, to get the Bloodmoon Twins Blade in King Legacy, you need to have both the Ethereal Sword and the Hell Sword. If you do not, you cannot get this new weapon added in Update 6. You also need to make sure you have 22.5 million Beli.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Initiate the Journey: Speak to Yamamoto and select “next,” then proceed to Chapter 1. Interact with the Statue until it starts laughing, and then return to Yamamoto to exhaust his dialogue. Afterward, click on Chapter 3.
King Legacy Laughing Statue
Image: iizu
  1. Unlocking the Medium: Head to the Docks and speak to the Medium. Express your interest in learning to communicate with spirits. Equip either the Hell Sword or Ethereal Blade and ignore all the torches in the surrounding area. Keep in mind that you have a 5-minute time limit to light all 10 torches in any order.
  2. Chasing the Ghost: After successfully lighting all the torches, return to the Medium. You’ll be tasked with finding a Ghost at night. Server hop until you encounter a Blood Moon, then proceed to the Graveyard behind the Castle. Interact with the Ghost or Warrior Spirit located there. Your next objective is to eliminate 100 Gorillas, but remember, they only count during a Blood Moon. You can track your progress by returning to the Ghost.
  3. Facing the Challenge: Once you’ve completed the gorilla hunt, return to the Ghost and then head back to the Medium. Ignore all 10 torches once again, but a 10-minute timer now. When the last torch is lit, a formidable opponent, the Samurai Soul boss, will materialize. You must defeat this boss solo to progress.
  4. Claim Your Reward: After conquering the Samurai Soul boss, return to the Medium and purchase the Bloodmoon Twins Katanas for 22,500,000 Beli.
King Legacy Purchasing Bloodmoon Twins
Image: iizu
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