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How to get Candy fast in Pet Simulator X

We're taking a quick look at how you can get candy in Roblox Pet Simulator X!
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Roblox Pet Simulator X has gotten the new Halloween update for the game and with it has come a new currency to collect, which will allow you to crack open some new eggs and get some spooky pets! This means you’re going to need to grind this limited currency quite a bit to make sure you can get all of the new pets. To do so, you will need to gather up a lot of Candy, and if you want to know how, we’ll show you in this guide!

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Candy Guide

To get Candy in Pet Simulator X, you will just need to harvest coins from any of the worlds. This will give you Candy as well as the coins you were attempting to collect. You won’t see the Candy currency in the coins area until you harvest some coins, and then it will show up once you get some!

To get a lot of Candy at once, you will need to locate the Giant Pumpkins that will spawn in the world every 10 to 15 minutes.

Pet Sim X Big Pumpkin Image

You will want to make sure to track these down as much as possible, because they are going to be the fastest way for you to gain candy while playing the game. However, it might just be easier to AFK on a big chest, because you will get candy that way as well!

When the Big Pumpkin spawns in your game, an alert will be shown on the screen that will tell you what area the Big Pumpkin can be found in. Make sure to teleport or make your way over there as soon as possible, because everyone else will be attacking this thing as well!

Pet Sim X Big Pumpkin 1 Image

Fastest Candy Farm

The fastest way to get Candy right now is to go to a medium-to-big chest that you can break quickly and repeatedly smash it open over and over again. You get a whole lot of Candy when the chest breaks. Chests like the one in Heaven’s Gate or Ancient Island are good if you can break them in about 5 – 10 seconds. The higher the chest you break, the bigger the bonus of Candy you will receive. Experiment with chests to see which one you can do fast, while getting a lot of Candy!

When I break one of the two medium chests on Heaven Island, I get upwards of 15,000 candy each time when I have 3x Coins Boost. This is likely even faster than using the Big Pumpkin because you break these chests really quickly.

Candy is used to purchase eggs from the new Halloween event area in the game. Here are all of the Eggs and how much each one costs to open:

  • Pumpkin Egg: 25k Candy
  • Golden Pumpkin Egg: 225k Candy
  • Eerie Egg: 120k Candy
  • Golden Eerie Egg: 1.08m Candy
  • Cursed Egg: 666k Candy

A common Zombie Squirrel pet I got from the Pumpkin Egg was 28.3m in power, so consider that before purchasing any of these. If you have a lot of OP pets, you might want to skip that egg!

This currency is only available for a limited-time, so you will want to gather it up as much as possible and spend it all before the event ends. As far as I am aware, there is no end date known at this time!

If any more details become available on collecting candy quickly, we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as possible!

That’s everything you need to know about getting candy in the Halloween update for Roblox Pet Simulator X! You can check out more information on the game in the Pet Simulator X portion of our website.

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