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How to get Gaster in A Universal Time (AUT)

We'll teach you how to get the Gaster form in Roblox A Universal Time with this easy to follow guide.
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There’s a variety of unique and interesting Stands, items, and Forms that you can obtain in Roblox A Universal Time. While some are easy to get, a lot of the others have quests you’ll need to complete, or will only occur under rare circumstances. If you’re looking to get the Gaster Form, then we will take a look at what you will need to do to get it in this guide.

Be sure to also check out the rest of our coverage on A Universal Time! We’ve got a guide for how to get Stands, which features many of the advanced forms and evolved options. We also have a list of a bunch of servers you can join that are private in AUT that will make it easier to grind some of the required items.

Gaster Guide

To get the Gaster Form, you will need to head into the Devil’s Palm desert and locate the Shadow Figure NPC. If you get just up to the edge of the desert, you should be able to see the Shadow Figure on the left side before it gets hazy.

Aut Shadow Figure Location Image

Run straight to that location, and be aware that you will take damage while in the desert. Talk to the Shadow Figure and say you will accept the quest.

Aut Shadow Figure Image

You will now have the Obtain Gaster quest with the following tasks that need to be completed:

  • Win one 1v1 match below 40% Health
  • Play the game (A Universal Time) for 50 minutes straight
  • Complete 2 trades
  • Use a Stand Arrow 7 times
  • Kill Dio 3 times
  • Participate in defeating the Dio Boss 2 times without killing him yourself

To start off you will need to fight in the 1v1 PVP mode that can be found when you first start the game and under Game Modes. You’ll need to win the match below 40% health, which is a bit under half of your health.

You should just combine playing the game for 50 minutes straight with obtaining arrows and killing Dio. Arrows can be obtained from meteors, treasure chests, and bought from the item shop. Stab yourself with them and then save or reset the ability to do it again.

Dio spawns in the forest area every 30 – 60 minutes. Just head over there after some chest runs and see if he has spawned. You will need to have a friend or hope that someone else is fighting him so that you can get the participation part of the quest done.

These steps will take quite a bit of time because they are quite time consuming. Having to defeat Dio at least 5 times will eat up quite a bit of time by itself!

Once you’ve completed the quest, you should automatically receive the Gaster Form!

Gaster Abilities

  • Summoning (F) – Press the key to summon the seven hands.
  • Kindness Shield (X) – Raise your many hands in the air to protect yourself.
  • Switch Mode (Q & E) – Each hand has its own set of special moves, and you can use each key to cycle through which hand is activated. “Q” will go counter-clockwise and “E” will go clockwise through the hands.

Moving from the left to right of the hands, these are what each hand’s unique moves are:


  • Ally Heal (R) – Heal an ally that is in front of you.
  • Self Heal (T) – Heal yourself.


  • Single Laser (R) – Fire a laser in front of you.
  • Triple Laser (T) – Fire three lasers in a quick burst in front of you.


  • Grapple (R) – Fire a string that pulls you up so that you can climb terrain.
  • Pull (T) – Fire a string that can pull a target towards you. If hit, this move will stun the enemy briefly.


  • Multiple Seeking Saws (R) – Fire multiple saws that will seek the target you selected with your mouse cursor.
  • Ricocheting Saw-Blade (T) – Fire a saw blade that on hit will slices through them multiple times.


  • Big Bravery Bomb (R) – Reach a hand out to drop a bomb that will explode after a short period of time. Anyone hit by this will be knocked backward, damaged, and briefly stunned.
  • Bravery Minefield (T) – Summon multiple small bombs on the ground that detonate after a short period of time.


  • Bullet Storm (R) – Fire a bunch of pellets in front of you.
  • Bullet Triplet (T) – Fire three pellets that will stun and damage the enemy if hit.


  • Single Slash (R) – Fire a slash forward.
  • Slash Triplet (T) – Fire three slashes forward in quick succession.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Gaster in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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