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How to get in the Basketball Hall of Fame in BitLife

Let's take a look at what it will take for you to be inducted into the BitLife basketball Hall of Fame in this guide!
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To reach the highest pinnacle in the NBA is not just titles, but to be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame. This is an incredible achievement in the sport, and if you don’t have the ability in real life, you can always go for it in BitLife! You will need to get through many seasons of the sport at a high level, but it isn’t too difficult to complete if you follow our guide.

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BitLife NBA Hall of Fame Guide

To get into the basketball Hall of Fame in BitLife, you will need to have an outstanding career as a basketball player. Play every season you can at a high level, which should earn you various awards and hopefully championships. When you retire from the sport, age up for a while and if you were good enough you should be inducted into the Hall of Fame!

The key to becoming the best player is to level up your greatness stat. This will determine how well your player does each season and give them a chance to win awards. You can increase this stat by going to the Job menu, under Professional Athlete, and Practice. You have multiple stats you will need to upgrade, so practice each of them at least once per season. It doesn’t appear that practicing them more than once will help. You also need to upgrade your Fitness, which can be found in the same athletic menu under the Train option.

Once you’ve upgraded your greatness level at least into 90%, you can start trying for awards and championships. If your team isn’t very good, you can try to get traded by going to the League menu and selecting one of the best teams. You’ll want to win at least a few championships, and get at least a couple of MVP awards in your career.

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If you reach age 30 and haven’t gotten a championship or MVP then you’re going to have to force it a bit. You can do this by aging up and seeing what results you get for the season. If you don’t win a championship or get the award you want, then close out of BitLife completely and re-open it. This will revert you back to before you aged up and give you another random chance at it. Repeat this until you get the desired result for the year!

You will pretty much be forced to retire at age 40 years old, so make sure to accomplish everything you want before then. When you’ve retired, you will then need to age up at least five or so years to see if you get into the Hall of Fame. It can be a bit random what year you get it, but if you won enough MVPs, awards, and championships you should eventually get the alert that you’ve been inducted!

That’s everything you need to know to get into the basketball Hall of Fame in BitLife! If you want to learn more about the game, check out all of our guides in the BitLife section of the site.

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