How to get Infinity in Blade Ball

A new ability was added in Blade Ball Version 1.3, called Infinity. But how to get this ability is confusing, so use this guide, as I've broken the down the steps on how to get it the paid way or the free way!
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There are many skills to get in Blade Ball, and they dramatically increase your survivability when playing a game. Not only can you confuse your opponents, but they can throw off their rhythm, which could result in a kill and some coins for you. New abilities get added every update, and in Roblox Blade Ball Version 1.3, they added an OP skill called Infinity. But how exactly do you get this Infinity skill in Blade Ball? A new way to get this skill has been added in the Blade Ball October 2023 Halloween update.

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Infinity Blade Ball – How to get Infinity Ability

There’s a new way to get Infinity in Blade Ball with their Halloween event update. To get Infinity, you must take part in the Halloween Spins raffle, and there is a 5% chance for it to land on Infinity for you to acquire. It’s not that simple, sadly. There are two phases of the raffle: a Basic phase and an Epic phase. Infinity is part of the Epic raffle.

A single Halloween Spin will cost you 400 pumpkins, but you can also opt to buy spins with Robux. To enter the Epic raffle phase, you must land on a specific icon: the blue icon, the Halloween Crate. Once you’ve landed on this blue icon, you’ll enter the Epic raffle, where there is a 5% for it to land on Infinity. You must own Infinity, to get your hands on the new OP skill called Phantom.

Old Method

To get the Infinity Blade Ball skill, you must purchase the latest Ultimate Blade Pack six times, three Basic Packs, and three Skill Packs. Or get extremely lucky six times in a row. Upon doing so, you’ll unlock Infinity. Let me explain further, as it’s confusing.

Blade Ball Infinity Ability Paid Method

showing off the ultimate blade pack bundle, split into Basic Pack and Skill Pack
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

To get the Infinity skill, the paid method in Blade Ball, you must purchase the two packs inside the Ultimate Blade Pack three times each. When clicking on the Pack button in the left-hand corner, a window will appear showing you the packs but also showing you a 0/6 green gauge to the right of the Skill Pack. This bar will fill up by one every time you purchase the Basic Pack or the Skill Pack. This means you must buy the Basic Pack for 799 Robux three times and the Skill Pack for 2,999 Robux three times to reach six. Upon doing so, you’ll unlock the Infinity ability and the Shattered Sword Skin.

Blade Ball Infinity Ability Free Method

Showing the wheel where you can win free prizes in Blade Ball
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To get Infinity for free involves a lot of luck and a lot of time playing Blade Ball. With this new 1.3 update, the wheel has been updated, and one segment on this wheel is called Effect Bundle. If you land on Effect Bundle, it will add one to the Infinity ability bar, as if you just purchased either the Basic or Skill pack bundle. So if you can land on Effect Bundle six times, you’ll get the Infinity Bundle and Shattered Sword Skin for free without purchasing any paid pack. If you look at the first picture, I landed on Effect Bundle, and I have not purchased any packs, as they both still have a purchase limit of three.

However, all it took was 40 minutes of playing Blade Ball in one session a day to get a free daily spin, and then it’s entirely based on luck if you land on it. You can purchase an additional daily spin for 49 Robux or more Robux for additional spins, but this involves spending Robux.

a menu showing off the time rewards you can earn in Blade Ball
Screenshot: Try Hard Guides

What does Infinity Ability do in Blade Ball?

The Infinity Ability in Blade Ball essentially allows you to take a free hit as it locks the ball in place. The official description is “Manifest an aura that locks the ball in place if it hits you during the mode.” So, as I said, if you get hit at any point, this is a get-out-of-jail-free card. It may also confuse opponents wondering why you haven’t died, and you can hit the ball back at super crazy speed and potentially win.

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