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How to get Insect Breathing in Demonfall

We're taking a look at where-to find the Insect Breathing trainer, and how-to get Insect Breathing in Demonfall!

In a land of varying techniques, you will want to have a chance to try them all. If you are considering Insect Breathing, then we’ll walk you through the process of finding the trainer and learning it. This is a potentially powerful breathing technique due to its ability to poison enemies and dodge around attacks!

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Insect Breathing Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To get Insect Breathing in Demonfall, all you need to do is head to Slayer Corp, which is the Slayer’s base of operations. Head to the large building in the middle of town and look for Shinobu who is sitting on top of the roof. Pay them 10,000 Yen and you will learn Insect Breathing!

  1. Get to Slayer Corp

    If you aren’t already at Slayer Corp, fast travel to Okuiya Village by talking to Garry, who is sitting in a wagon in the city where you spawn initially as a Slayer. Once there you will run north through the town, into Sakura Passage, and all the way up to Slayer Corp. Credit to ocodastrevastrevosa for the map.

  2. Locate the Insect Breathing Trainer

    Once you’ve entered Slayer Corp, you will be looking for Shinobu, who is the trainer. They will be sitting on a large building in the middle of town. It shouldn’t be too hard to find, you can see it in the image below. Credit to WinterKloudz on YouTube for the image.

  3. Pay 10,000 Yen

    The next step is to talk to Shinobu, and give her 10,000 Yen if you have it. If you don’t have it, run around collecting trinkets or doing quests to gather up enough coin to pay for the training. Once you have the amount ready, hand it over to them and you will instantly be taught Insect Breathing! There’s no quest or training necessary.

Video to Locate Trainer

If you’re having trouble finding the trainer, check out the video below.

Insect Breathing Details

Mesmerizing and Colorful

  • Passive: Enemies hit by your sword will be inflicted with poison.


  1. Dance of the Butterfly – Jump into the air and land behind your opponent with a strike
  2. Dance of the Dragonfly – Quickly stab your sword multiple times forward
  3. Dance of the Centipede – Disappear into a cloud of butterflies to evade attackers
  4. Dance of the Spider – Lunge forward and knockback your enemy

That’s everything we know about getting Insect Breathing in Roblox Demonfall. Be sure to check out our posts on all of the Breathing Styles and Families you can join!

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