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How to get pets in Roblox Islands

We're taking a look at how you can get all of the pets in Roblox Islands!
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Roblox Islands has recently added a variety of pets to the game that you can get as rare drops from bosses! These are fun little creatures that you can equip to yourself and they will follow you around. While there’s been animals in the game before, there hasn’t been this much variety added until the Lava & Pets update that was released on September 18th, 2021! If you’re wondering how to get all of these pets, we’ll show you how in this guide.

Collecting All of the Pets in Islands

To get Pets in Roblox Islands, you will need to slay bosses. Just about every boss in the game now has a pet associated with them that will drop at random if they are killed. The drop rate appears to be 0.33% chance on each of the bosses, which means you’ll need to kill them multiple times to get the pet.

Here’s a list of the pets you can get from bosses:

  • Bhaa Pet
  • Dragon Pet
  • Kor Pet
  • Slime King Pet
  • Wizard Boss Pet

Bhaa Pet

The Bhaa pet can be obtained from the Bhaa boss which is found at the Desert Island. You will need 500 Bhaa Tokens to spawn them, which can be obtained by killing Iron, Gold, and Ruby skorps.

Dragon Pet

The Dragon pet can be obtained from the Infernal Dragon boss in the Underworld. You will need 750 Underworld Token to spawn them, which can be obtained from mining opal rocks, killing Magma Blobs, and opening Infernal Dragon Eggs.

Kor Pet

The Kor pet can be obtained from the Kor boss at the Diamond Mines. You will need 500 Kor Tokens to spawn them,. which can be obtained by killing Buffalkors.

Slime King Pet

The Slime King pet can be obtained from the Slime King at Slime Island. You will need 500 Slime King Tokens to spawn them, which can be obtained by killing Green, Blue, and Pink Slimes.

Wizard Boss Pet

The Wizard Boss pet can be obtained from the Wizard Boss at Wizard Island. You will need 500 Wizard Boss Token to spawn them, which can be obtained by killing Wizards Lizards.

The easiest pet to get is likely the Slime King Pet, because it is the most accessible by most players. To get most of these, you will want to do it on a Public Server because other people will be spawning these bosses while you play. Just make sure to get a hit on them before they die, or you won’t get any loot!

That’s everything we know about getting Pets in Roblox Islands. We have more coverage on the game in the Islands section of our website.

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