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How to get Planet Shaper in AUT (A Universal Time)

We'll teach you how to get the Planet Shaper Stand in Roblox A Universal Time with this easy to follow guide.
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There’s a variety of unique and interesting Stands and Forms that you can obtain in Roblox A Universal Time. While some are easy to get, a lot of the others have quests you’ll need to complete, or will only occur under rare circumstances. If you’re looking to get the Planet Shaper Stand, then we will take a look at what you will need to do to get it in this guide.

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AUT Planet Shaper Guide

You have a couple of options available to you to get the Planet Shaper Stand. First, you can get it very rarely from a Stand Arrow. This wasn’t discovered until recently, but some players have gotten lucky and received it when using one. It appears this is something like a 1% chance or lower. However, you can get quite a few Stand Arrows pretty easily by opening treasure chests and meteors.

The second way to get Planet Shaper is likely more consistent, but we can’t confirm that for sure. You need to have the Crystallized Stand equipped. You can get that from a regular Stand Arrow at random. Now, you will need to open up meteors. These fall from the sky and land on the mountains and beach. It’s unclear if you need to have your Stand unsummoned or not, so I would just do it just in case. Once you open a meteor, press the ‘Q’ key on your keyboard to summon your Stand and you will have a rare chance for your Crystallized Stand to transform into Planet Shaper.

Planet Shaper Moveset

  • Beat Punches (Left Click) – Your Stand jumps out in front of you to throw punches.
  • Barrage (E) – Your Stand jumps out and throws multiple fast punches in front of you. Meteors will also strike the ground a short-distance in front of where you are firing off punches. These will hit the enemy if they are trying to run away.
  • Strong Punch (R) – Your Stands goes out in front of you and throws one hard punch that knocks the target back if hit.
  • Wing Slash (V) – Dash forward a short distance and slice through your target.

The below abilities have not been added to the game yet, but should be soon!

  • Infuse (T)
  • Reality Shift (F)
  • Spacetime Voidgate (G)
  • Ground Slam (H)
  • Blackhole Punch (B)


Planet Shaper has a hidden ability that will allow you to teleport around the map to different areas by using a Portal. Type “ps” or “p//s” without quotes into the chat and hit enter. Your Stand should say something like, “mhm?” which will show up above them. Then type in “open portal” and hit enter, and an X will appear in front of you. Finally, type in the name of the location that you want the portal to go to! This would be an area on the map, such as Park, Coliseum, Forest, Devil’s Palm, Beach, or Mountains. If you named a place that exists on the map, the portal should turn red and you can walk through it to teleport to that location!

That’s everything we know on how to get the Planet Shaper Stand in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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