How to Get Shadow Ability in A Universal Time (AUT)

Want to know how to get the new legendary Shadow ability in A Universal Time? Then we have everything you need to know in our AUT guide, but be warned Cid Kagenou is not an easy boss!
Aut Shadow Ability Pink
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A Universal Time update 3.6 summer update part 2 (wave 3) is here, and along with it, a new ability you can get Shadow. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting this Shadow ability in AUT.

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A Universal Time (AUT) Shadow Guide – How To Get Cid’s Ability

There is only one way to obtain Cid’s Shadow ability in AUT; you can only do so by completing the Shadow Questline and acquiring a special slime energy to get the ability. Shadow cannot be obtained through gacha; it can only be obtained by completing the Shadow quests.

Shadow Questline

To begin this questline, you need to have a level 200 ability. Without it, you won’t be able to obtain Shadow. Once you have the required level of ability, visit a new NPC named EpicNitronX302 located behind Kami House on Goku Island. You can recognize him by the huge chainsaw on his back.

AUT EpicNitronX302 NPC Goku Island
Image: YamashiP

Interact with EpicNitronX302 and select ‘Yeah, then I am ready to begin.’ I hope you enjoy battling bosses because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing in the quest called “Nitron’s Special Adventure.” Oh, and you have to do all of them while Standless.

  • Defeat The Oni [Standless] x1
  • Defeat Minos Prime [Standless] x1
  • Defeat The Bearer [Standless] x1
  • Defeat Dio [Standless] x1
  • Defeat Josuke Higashikata [Standless] x1
  • Defeat The Knight [Standless] x1
  • Defeat Diavolo [Standless] x1
  • Defeat The Honored One [Standless] x1
  • Defeat Umbra [Standless] x1

Luckily, five of these bosses can be spawned at the boss alter:

  • Josuke Higashikata
  • Minos Prime
  • Dio
  • Diavolo
  • Umbra
AUT Hectate
Image: YamashiP

The remaining four can be fought by going to the Slayer contract quest NPC, Hecate. Here you can get a contract for:

  • The Knight
  • The Bearer
  • The Oni
  • The Honored One

Defeat Whitebeard (Raid Boss) and 100 Prisoners

Once all nine bosses have been defeated while Standless, go back to EpicNitronX302 for another quest:

  • Defeat Whitebeard & return his Bisento to Nitron
  • Defeat Prisoner x100

The prisoners are near the JoeStar Mansion. To get there, speak to the Ferry Boat Captain, and then head to either side of the mansion to find and defeat the prisoners.

AUT Prisoners
Image: Strife28

Next, head to Kuma and make sure you have his book in your inventory. Then select Marineford, the new location in this 3.6 Summer update part 2 (wave 3).

Whitebeard spawns every three hours globally (EST), at 12 am, 3 am, 6 am, etc. He has a 75% chance of dropping the Bisento needed for the Nitron quest for everyone fighting him, but the more people there, the more health Whitebeard gains. Therefore, you might get lucky and obtain it the first time. If not, you will need to wait 3 hours to try again.

Sacrifice Abilities into Gemstones

Once you have the Bisento, go back to EpicNitronX302 for the final quest, Resurrection. Here, you must sacrifice five abilities:

  • Consume the Kinectic Gemstone (Locke)
  • Consume the Phoenix Gemstone (Dawn)
  • Consume the Monochromatic Gemstone (Xeno)
  • Consume the Draconic Gemstone (Dragon Knight)
  • Consume the Soul Gemstone (Reaper)
Image: Strife28

To complete this task, visit the Ferry Captain again and then go to the Colosseum. Once there, go behind it to find Z4, a new NPC. Interact with Z4 and ask, “Can I convert this ability to a gemstone?” Please note that doing this will destroy the ability.

You must use each ability when speaking to Z4 to convert it to a gemstone. Once all five are converted, return to EpicNitronX302. He will give you the Cursed Gemstone; with this in hand, you need to find another new NPC called Burger_Developer, who is down the street to the left of Hectate.

Burger_Developer will give you a quest to kill Shadow. You MUST accept this quest before summoning and killing Shadow, or you will not obtain the Shadow ability. Once this quest has been accepted, you can then go and kill Shadow.

Summon Shadow Boss, Cid Kagenou

To summon the Shadow boss, Cid Kagenou, go to the boss spawner and select Shadow. Then, use the Cursed Gemstone and 1,000,000 UCoins. Be aware that this boss is extremely difficult and is at level 250. It may take numerous tries to win.

AUT Cid Kagenou
Image: Strife28

After defeating Cid, return to Burger_Developer, and he will give you the Slime Energy; this is a mythical item. When you are Standless, use the Slime Energy to acquire the Shadow ability. This is a Legendary ability with a total of 15 moves and multiple passives!

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