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How to get shiny characters in Anime Fighters Simulator

If you want to get some of the fanciest characters in Roblox Anime Fighters then you're going to need to grab some shinies!
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To get the top tier characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, you will be opening up a ton of stars that will contain a lot of what you don’t want. You will need to increase the frequency of your unboxings if you want to get all of the fighters that this game has to offer. While a lot of it comes down to luck, there are ways you can optimize your ability to grab yourself some of these illusive shiny characters!

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Obtaining Shiny Characters

To get shiny characters in Anime Fighters, you will need to just spin and open a whole lot of stars. They are a very rare drop out of the boxes, and you can only really increase your chances by gaining luck and increasing the amount of stars you can open at once!

Shiny characters are significantly stronger than their non-shiny counterparts. If you want to be top tier in the game, then you’ll want to get some of these or get yourself some secret characters. Getting these faster is merely increasing the amount of stars you can open as fast as possible. This can be done by completing levels in time trials, spending Robux, or using codes to increase your luck.

Here are some tips when it comes to increasing your chances at shiny characters:

Automate Purchases

You are going to need to purchase a whole lot of fighters to get a shiny character. You will be using the auto purchase selection from the shop you are looking to obtain a shiny character from. Each character has a shiny version, so it depends on which character you’d like to get. The DBZ stage is the cheapest, but that really only matters if you want a shiny DBZ character.

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Make sure to gather up as much Yen as you can, before you engage in this process. Head to the shop and select Q to auto-buy characters. Now, just leave this going for as long as you can. Ideally, you would do this overnight. To keep yourself from leaving the game, setup an auto-clicker to click every once in a while during the night. Hopefully, you will come back to your computer in the morning and have yourself some shiny characters!

Auto-Sell Characters

You will need to sell any characters you don’t need to keep your inventory clear. To make this easier, go to your settings and under auto-sell, click all of the rarities you don’t want to keep, but make sure to leave the shiny boxes unchecked! This way you will only sell normal versions of the characters, but will keep any shiny ones. You will need to at the very least get rid of some of the rarities or your inventory will fill up quickly.

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Extra Star Upgrades

In the upgrades panel, you will see that there’s a bonus called extra stars. If you can obtain this, you will open up an extra star whenever you purchase a star. This will increase your ability to get these shiny characters by a whole lot, so make sure to get at least the first upgrade. You need to reach room 24 of the Time Trials, which are located on Namook. If you are low level, you will need a friend to help get you through, because you need fairly high level characters to get that far in the Time Trials! You can also try looking for YouTubers who do free carries for people.

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You can also get Extra Star 2 and 3, but those are quite hard to obtain unless you are very high level or have a friend who is very far in the game!

Spend Robux

Like most games in Roblox, you can increase the speed of obtaining these by spending some Robux. You can purchase the Fast Open Stars product for 399 Robux which will speed up the opening process. You can also get the Multi Open product for 799 Robux to open additional stars when you purchase one. These are located below the character list when you go to purchase characters. These are optional, but they will help speed things up!

That’s everything you need to know about getting shiny characters in Anime Fighters Simulator. Be sure to check out the Anime Fighters Simulator section of our site to learn more about the game!

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