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How to get the best bow in Muck (Ancient Bow)

If you're looking to get the best bow in Muck then you're going to need to do a bit of monster slaying to hunt down a fairly rare drop!
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It’s always important to have a good secondary option to your melee weapon in survival like games. Muck is not different in this aspect, and if you want to have the best bow in the game then you’re going to need to slay quite a few monsters to get it. We’ll outline every step that you need to take in the guide below.

How-to get the Ancient Bow

To get the best bow in Muck, you’re going to need to slay quite a few monsters unless you’re lucky! You will need to loot an Ancient Bone, which is a rare drop off of a Goblin or a Gronk. You have a 1% chance to have one drop from the Goblin and a 10% chance from the Gronk. Now that you have the bone, you will need to take it to a Fletching Table and craft it!

Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re going to get a Fletching Table then you will need to get a few things first. First, you need to chop down a Birch tree to get some Birch wood. You will then need to get some Iron Ore which will unlock the ability to craft a Fletching Table.

Now you’ll need to get the Ancient Bone. As mentioned, they drop from the Goblin and Gronk. Goblins are easier to find and they spawn more often. They are the green humanlike enemies that pop out of shrines or spawn randomly in the world. The drop rate is 1%, but you can obviously slay them more frequently. Gronks spawn out of the statues with the dual-wielding looking goblin on them. They can be pretty tough to slay, so this isn’t the preferred option. I recommend running around slaying Goblins as much as possible.

Now that you have the Ancient Bone and the Fletching Table then all you need is a Rope. Just find gather five Wheat and craft one at the Workbench. Now that you have that, just head to the Fletching Table and craft your Ancient Bow!

The Ancient Bow deals the most damage, and also fires three arrows at a time. It is very useful for fighting off larger monsters that you don’t want to get too close to. It’s also good for taking on the final boss!

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