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How to make Rope in Muck

Rope is a useful tool to keep you alive in Muck, so we're going to take you through a step-by-step process on how to make rope in the game!
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Crafting is one of the most important aspects of survival games and Muck is no different. If you want to survive in the game then you will need to learn a few recipes and one of those is for Rope. It isn’t very difficult to craft, but you are going to have to find a specific item that will unlock the ability to craft it!

Making Rope

To make Rope in Muck, you will just need to locate Wheat. This can be found throughout the green grasses in your world and is bright yellow. It spawns in 5-6 clumps, and you will need to find at least a couple of these clumps to gather the 10 Wheat that you need to craft the Rope. Once you gather the Wheat, it will open up the Rope recipe at the Workbench. You will also want to gather a bit of wood and turn it into 10 Bark at the Workbench. Once you have that and the Wheat, just head to the Workbench and under Basic you will find the Rope recipe to craft yourself some Rope.

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Now that you have the Rope, what are you going to do with it? Well, you can use it to create yourself a Bow. This is going to allow you to keep flying enemies at bay and attack enemies that you don’t want to get too close to!

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