How to get the Witches Brew in Wacky Wizards (Soda Can)

Learn the exact steps you'll need to take to find and get the Witches Brew potion ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards!
Featured Roblox Wacky Wizards How To Get Witches Brew

Roblox Wacky Wizards gets updated every Wednesday and the update for July 7th, 2021 has brought a new ingredient called the Witches Brew. To get this new item, you’re going to need to complete a quest for Glinda the Witch. This isn’t too difficult, but it’s a whole lot easier if you know exactly where to go. We’ll walk you through all of the steps to obtaining the Witches Brew in this guide!

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Witches Brew Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To get the Witches Brew in Wacky Wizards you are going to need to complete a small questline that requires you to talk to Glinda the Witch, and she will ask you to create certain potions to get her brew going. Once you’ve completed her requests, you will be rewarded with the Witches Brew ingredient!

  1. Head to the Witch’s Cave

    Look for the desert area with the cacti to locate the witch’s cave. You will see some train tracks that lead into a tunnel, and to the left of that will be the cave you need to go into.Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Step1

  2. Talk to Glinda the Witch

    Glinda will explain that her and her witch pals have crash landed in the desert and need your help to get back home. Tell her that you can help her with that and she will describe the first potion you need to bring to her.Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Step2

  3. Create a Hot Potion and Bring it to Glinda

    The first potion that Glinda wants you to create is the Hot Potion. All you will need to do is throw a pepper into your cauldron and grab the potion. Run back to Glinda and give it to her!Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Step3

  4. Create a Speedy Potion and Bring it to Glinda

    Now that you gave her a Hot Potion to light up her cauldron, she will say you need to wait for a bit. You don’t really need to wait, so just talk to her again and she will say it’s taking a while and to get her something to help speed it up. Now, all you need to do is go back to your cauldron and create a Speedy Potion. To make a Speedy Potion, just throw in a Giraffe Hoof and create the potion. Bring that back to Glinda!Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Step4

  5. Obtain the requested items for Glinda

    This is where things can be a bit confusing, because she will now request that you obtain three different items for her but they are not always the same. She will ask you to get three of the following: Cactus Cat, Lava Flower, Frog, Jellyfish, or Cave Bat. Each item is in a different location, which we will list below.

  6. How to find the Jellyfish

    The Jellyfish is located at the top of the waterfall. So head over to the water area and swim up the waterfall, you don’t need a special potion to reach it. You will find the pink Jellyfish floating in the waterfall at near the top.Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Jellyfish

  7. How to find the Lava Flower

    The Lava Flower can be found at the top of the volcano. Just grab a potion that will help you float to the top, something like the Mermaid Potion is easy to get and just requires the fish and fairy. You will find the Lava Flower inside of the volcano where the smoke is coming out!Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Lava Flower

  8. How to find the Cave Bat

    The Cave Bat can be found in the cave that has a spider web on the doorway, it’s close to the racetrack. Just run inside the cave and look to your right for the Cave Bat that should be stuck to the top of the wall in the cave.Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Cave Bat

  9. How to find the Cactus Flower

    This is one of the easiest to get! You can get the Cactus Flower in the desert area near the gray wall on the left if you’re facing towards the witch’s cave.Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Cactus Flower

  10. How to find the Frog

    The frog is another pretty easy one to find, you just need to head over to the waterfall area and fly up to the gray ledge that leads to the waterfall. The frog will be on the edge closest to the waterfall.Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Frog

  11. Complete the Witches Brew

    Once you give the last item to Glinda, she will attempt to create the potion that will help her and her pals get away. Unfortunately, it won’t work for them, but you get to have the Witches Brew you were look to get anyway!Wacky Wizard Witches Brew Finish

That’s all you need to know about getting the new Witches Brew ingredient in Wacky Wizards! There’s a whole lot of things you can create in this game, so make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards Potions & Recipes List and Ingredients List to learn what you can make.

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