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Wacky Wizards All Ingredients List & Locations (August 2021)

If you're looking for all of the ingredients in Wacky Wizards then we've got all of the items that you can find listed in this guide!

In Wacky Wizards you are able to make a whole lot of different potions with many different ingredients. There’s a whole lot of them, so we don’t expect you to be able to find them all on your own. That’s where we come in because we have the entire list of ingredients and where you can find them!

You will find all of the Wacky Wizards ingredients in the list below. You start with six ingredients that you can use for basic potions. Additional ingredients can be found via quests and locating them around the map. Some of these will be permanently added to your table once you throw them in your cauldron. Other secret ingredients can be found that will change your character model to look like one of the developers or other well-known players. Finally, there’s a set of ingredients that can only be used if you purchase them with Gems.

Links have been added to certain ingredients that will show you in more detail where to find them if the short description isn’t enough!

Find more information on this Roblox game in our Wacky Wizards Wiki!

Wacky Wizards Ingredients List

  • NEW: Mount – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • NEW: Pet Tags – Obtained by completing the quiz in the cave
  • Justin – Found within the bushes that lead to Oz the Wizard
  • Boxing Gloves – Obtained by completing the Witches vs. Wizards quest
  • Brain – Starter Ingredient
  • Fairy – Starter Ingredient
  • Giant’s Ear – Starter Ingredient
  • Giraffe Hoof – Starter Ingredient
  • Pool Noodle – Starter Ingredient
  • Rotten Sandwich – Starter Ingredient
  • Beans – Complete the Beans quest in the Volcano
  • Bird – Found in the large obby tree in forest
  • Chameleon – Found in the forest on a tree limb
  • Chilli – Found in the desert underground
  • Dynamite – Found in the desert under the train tracks bridge
  • Fish – Found underwater in a cave near the waterfall
  • Robux – Obtained by slaying the Mr. Rich boss and turning in the Cyclops Eye to the Wizard
  • Spider – Found in Spider Cave by going through a small opening in the back using a Tiny Potion
  • Witches Brew – Complete the Witch’s quest in the desert cave
  • Cleetus’s Hat – Found in the Wizard’s Cave on a rock
  • Cyclops Eye – Obtained by slaying the Mr. Rich boss
  • Foryxe’s Head – Found in the cave behind the waterfall
  • Jandel’s Head – Found behind the cactus next to the Witch’s Cave
  • Jayingee Note – Found in the Spider Cave on the right taped to the wall
  • Premiumsalad – Found on top of a tree in the forest
  • Sketch – Found underwater near the waterfall next to pink kelp
  • You – Drink a Shrink Ray potion while standing on top of your cauldron
  • Beard – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • Frozen Egg – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • Hat of Gears – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • Magic Seed – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems
  • Wheel – Premium ingredient purchased with Gems

Those are all of the currently known ingredients for Wacky Wizards! We’ve got another post that features all of the Wacky Wizards Recipes and Potions that exist in the game. We will keep that list and this one updated as soon as any additional ingredients or potions are added.

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  1. You can also get throwable potions with gems.

  2. You can now buy premium ingredients with gems.

    1. Fixed, thanks.