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We're taking a look at how you can give items to other players in Roblox A Universal Time!
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Items are quite important in Roblox A Universal Time. You will need them often to transform into new Forms or to get Stands. You will also need them to evolve into upgraded abilities, which end up being the most powerful in the game. Items like these can be quite rare, so you might find that a friend is willing to hand over an item that you need if they happen to find it! We’ll walk you through the process of giving items with this guide.

We have a whole lot of coverage of A Universal Time! We’ve got a guide for how to get Stands, which features many of the advanced forms and evolved options. We also have a list of a bunch of servers you can join that are private in AUT that will make it easier to grind and get items!

Giving Items

To give items in AUT, you will need to trade with another player. There’s no command right now just to give an item to another person. There is a command to trade, however, and it’s “!trade USERNAME” without the quotes and replacing “USERNAME” with the player’s username.

As a shortcut, you can type just a couple of letters of the person’s username instead of the full name. You will want to make sure that once the trade window opens that you are trading with the right player. If another user has a similar username, you might get someone else instead!

Trading was updated recently, and you can now trade with another player even if they do not have a Stand. When you complete a trade with a player, there is now a 10 minute cooldown before you can do it again, so make sure to trade everything you need to before confirming a trade!

It is important to note that when you trade your Stand will also be traded! So, if you don’t want to trade your Stand, then you should store it away so you are Standless when you trade.

Aut Trading

Whoever is giving the item to the other player will want to select it from the list of items on the side. It will then be added to the right trading menu. When all of the items are listed correctly, click on the accept button and the items will be transferred.

That’s how you give items to other players in Roblox A Universal Time! We have more coverage of the game in the AUT section of our website!

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