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Adopt Me tasks you with taking care of pets. However, there’s not much else given to you on raising them. Knowing how to help your pets grow is important if you want to see them change and become even better. In this guide, we’ll talk about how pets grow in Adopt Me and what you need to do at each stage.

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How Do You Age Up Pets In Adopt Me?

To make pets grow older in Adopt Me, you need to do specific tasks depending on the pet’s type and how old it is. As pets get rarer, they need to do more tasks to level up. There are five types of pets: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare, and Legendary. Each pet goes through six different growing-up stages, starting as a Newborn, then becoming a Junior, followed by Pre-Teen, Teen, Post-Teen, and finally, Full Grown.

Pet StageCommon PetUncommon PetRare PetUltra-Rare PetLegendary Pet
Newborn3 Tasks5 Tasks10 Tasks12 Tasks13 Tasks
Junior6 Tasks9 Tasks20 Tasks25 Tasks26 Tasks
Pre-Teen11 Tasks13 Tasks30 Tasks36 Tasks38 Tasks
Teen16 Tasks18 Tasks40 Tasks47 Tasks50 Tasks
Post-Teen20 Tasks25 Tasks50 Tasks58 Tasks62 Tasks
Full Grown (Total)56 Tasks70 Tasks150 Tasks178 Tasks189 Tasks
Total for Neon Pets224 Tasks 280 Tasks600 Tasks712 Tasks756 Tasks
Total for Mega Neon Pets896 Tasks1120 Tasks2400 Tasks2848 Tasks3024 Tasks

This is an average amount, not everyone gets the same amount, some cost more and some take less. For example, my own dog took four tasks to get out of newborn.

Unless you get an age-up potion, which you can get from filling up friendship bars. However, you normally age up each pet as you do it. These potions are also not tradeable, so unless you’re earning them, you’ll need to do it the old-fashioned way.

Tips for Pet Leveling

So, after pets hatch, they start as newborns. At this stage, players have to do certain tasks to help the pets grow. The tasks needed change depending on the type of pet and how old they are. As pets get older, they need to do more tasks to level up. For example, common pets need to do fewer tasks to level up than legendary pets because they are rarer.

QuestWhat To Do
BoredHead to the park and spend some time there.
DirtyTake a shower either in your house or someone else’s.
HungryGrab some food, especially the apples on the teacher’s desk.
SickVisit the doctor, and it’s recommended to get some Golden Apples.
SleepyRest at the campsite, bed, or in your crib.
ThirstyQuench your thirst with some refreshing lemonade.
CampingStand around the campsite.
Pool PartyStand around the pool.
SchoolStick around the school area for additional rewards.
Beach PartyStand around the beach

It’s always smart to have items ready to go, like water or sandwiches, in your inventory, or maybe be near campsites so you can put your pets to sleep when needed. Having a place with a food bowl, a brush, a toy, and a bath makes it easier to take care of pets and level them up quickly. Also, taking pets to the doctor and giving them Golden Apples helps them get better faster and stay healthy.

Doing tasks also gives you Bucks, so you won’t have to work jobs if you just pay attention to your pets.

Do Neon and Mega Neon Pets Have Different Requirements Than Regular Pets?

Neon pets are special because they grow in a unique way, but that’s mostly in how each stage is named. They also take way more tasks to level up. They go through stages like:

  • Reborn (Newborn)
  • Twinkle (Junior)
  • Sparkle (Pre-Teen)
  • Flare (Teen)
  • Sunshine (Post-Teen)
  • Luminous (Full Grown)

Still, everything else is the same. So their requirements are just that they take more tasks to fulfill. You just have to take care of them and do their tasks to grow them. The higher the rarity, the more tasks you have to do, just like with regular pets.

Growing Eggs Into Pets

Pets start out as eggs and technically are a part of the cycle, but they’re in there for such a short time that most people ignore this stage. However, if you’re curious, you only need four to six tasks to hatch eggs. The regular eggs need four tasks, while the limited and royal eggs need six.

These tasks needed will be things like pick the egg up, put it in a stroller and really basic stuff. Sometimes you’ll get “go to the beach” and things like that, but you likely won’t have an egg for long.

You can always just press “Hatch Now” and pay 45 Robux to auto hatch your egg, but that’s never worth it. It is so fast to hatch eggs that we’d say to always do the few tasks needed.

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