How to Learn Haki in Legacy Piece – Haki Scroll Location

Want to be able to hit Logia-Fruit users in Legacy Piece? Then of course you need to learn the Haki ability. Use our guide to learn where to go to acquire it and how to complete the quest involving where to find the Haki scroll!
Legacy Piece Ex Shogun Daichi
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In the popular Roblox game Legacy Piece, players have the opportunity to acquire special abilities such as Haki, which enables them to hit Logia-Fruit users. This guide will walk you through the steps to get and learn Haki and how to complete the quest to find the Haki Scroll from Haki Island in Legacy Piece.

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Legacy Piece Haki Scroll Location Guide

To learn Haki in Legacy Piece, you must first go to Haki Island, which is positioned to the south of Fusha Island, the starting island. Then, you must find an NPC called Ex-Shogun Daichi and complete two quests for him to unlock Haki for 2,500 Beli.

It is advisable for players to reach a level between 10 and 15 before embarking on the journey to Haki Island, but this is a level 40+ island, so be careful. So attempt this at an early level if you wish, but currently, there are no Logia users in Legacy Piece, so it’s not worth the trip.

Journey to Haki Island

Legacy Piece Fusha To Haki Island
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To reach Haki Island, players need to utilize a boat. In the early stages of the game, players may have access to either a Row Boat or a Sail Boat. They should navigate south from Fusha Island until they reach Haki Island.

Legacy Piece Ex Shogun NPC With Hut
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Upon arriving at Haki Island, players should seek out the Ex-Shogun Daichi NPC, who acts as the Haki trainer. He can be found atop a tall rock formation near a campsite and a hut. To meet him, players should climb the ladder at the front of the rock.

Completing the Haki Trainer’s Quest

Legacy Piece Jumping Off Cliff With Trees
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Ex-Shogun Daichi will assign a quest to retrieve a specific scroll. Players should descend from the rock and head right, passing a walking lion until they reach a patch of sand with a tree. Behind the tree lies the Haki Scroll, also known as the Arnament Scroll.

Legacy Piece Sand Tree Scroll
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Once obtained, players should return the scroll to Daichi. After returning the scroll, Daichi will task players with defeating two monsters on the island: a gorilla and a lion. You’ll have no doubt seen these as you were hunting for the scroll. Upon successfully killing them both, players must return to Daichi to receive the Haki ability. To equip Haki, players can simply press the tab key on their keyboard.

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