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How to make DNA potion in Wacky Wizards

We'll take you through an easy to follow process of how to make the DNA potion in Roblox Wacky Wizards!
Wacky Wizards Shrink Ray Potion Image

If you’re attempting to complete the Witches vs. Wizards quest in Roblox Wacky Wizards then you’re going to need to be able to craft the DNA potion. This is what The Collector asks for in the game, and you might be confused because there’s no potion called that! Well, it’s a potion you might already be familiar with and we’ll teach you how to create it in this guide.

You will need to make the DNA potion to satisfy The Collector NPC on your way to choosing to be a Witch or Wizard and obtaining the Boxing Glove ingredient. This is confusing because there’s no actual DNA potion in the game. The potion required is known as the You potion. I have seen a lot of questions about this one, because making it can be a bit difficult for players that haven’t been playing Wacky Wizards for very long!

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Creating the DNA Potion

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To make the DNA potion in Wacky Wizards, you will need to put yourself into your cauldron as an ingredient. While you would think you could just stand in the pot, you will actually need to do a bit more than that!

  1. Step 1: Make a Shrink Ray potion

    This requires the Chameleon and Fairy ingredients to be placed into your cauldron. If you don’t have the Chameleon yet, you can find it in the forest area sitting on a tree limb. The Fairy ingredient is one of the base items you get when you play the game. Put both the Chameleon and Fairy ingredients into your cauldron and brew to create the Shrink Ray potion.Wacky Wizards Chameleon Location Image

  2. Step 2: Stand on your cauldron and drink the Shrink Ray potion

    Grab the Shrink Ray potion but don’t drink it yet! Drain your pot which will remove the previous ingredients from it. You now need to jump up on top of your cauldron and stand in the middle of it. Once you’ve set yourself up, drink the potion, and you will start to shrink. You will eventually get so small that you will fall into the pot and die. You will respawn in front of your cauldron, and you will notice that your name has been added to the ingredients list.Wacky Wizards Drinking Potion On Cauldron Image

  3. Step 3: Brew the potion with only you as the ingredient

    Now click on your cauldron and spawn the potion with only you as the ingredient. This will make a potion that will be labeled with your NAME potion on it. While this doesn’t say it’s a DNA potion, this is the potion that is required to complete The Collector quest.Crafting the DNA potion in Wacky Wizards

  4. Step 4: Go back to The Collector

    Grab the You potion and head back through the cave that you opened up with the Hot potion and then through the door unlocked with the key. Interact with The Collector and give them the potion. You should now have completed that part of the quest, and a bridge made of light should now lead you to the larger NPC across the lava field.Wacky Wizards Boxing Gloves Step3 Image

When you go across the bridge and talk to the bigger NPC, you will be asked to choose between the Witches and Wizards. Don’t worry because you can go back to them and change sides if you want. After you’ve picked your side, you will be given the Boxing Glove as a new ingredient!

That’s all you need to know about making the DNA Potion in Wacky Wizards! There’s a whole lot of things you can create in this game, so make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards Potions & Recipes List and Ingredients List to learn what you can make.

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