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We've got all of the details on how to complete the "Undetected Infiltration" quest and where to find the Cup of Commons in Genshin Impact!
How To Obtain The Cup Of Commons Genshin The Chasm

The Chasm in Genshin Impact has opened a new World Quest, titled “Undetected Infiltration,” in which Traveler must locate the Cup of Commons – a quest item that is one of the six lost offerings. Recovering all six lost offerings is necessary in completing “The Millennial Mountains” World Quest. Here’s all you’ll need to know about how to complete the “Undetected Infiltration” quest and where to find the Cup of Commons in Genshin Impact!

How to unlock Undetected Infiltration World Quest

To activate the “Undetected Infiltration” World Quest, you must first defeat a group of Treasure Hoarders located at their lair near the Glaze Peak subarea during the “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering” quest. Once you have defeated the Treasure Hoarders, a cutscene with NPC Yanbo and other Treasure Hoarders will appear , indicating that the “Undetected Infiltration” quest has been unlocked. Note that you may run into and deal with the Treasure Hoarders even if the “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering” quest is not activated. However, it will not trigger the cutscene to unlock the “Undetected Infiltration” quest.

Genshin The Chasm Activate Undetected Infiltration Quest

Once the “Undetected Infiltration” quest is activated, you will be directed to meet Yanbo in the Lumberpick Valley. Use the Teleport Waypoint in the Lumberpick Valley to get to the quest area. Yanbo will then reveal that the previous Treasure Hoarders were Milleliths in disguise. He will then ask you to choose one of three Treasure Hoarder camps for them to clear. The other two Treasure Hoarder camps will be left for you to clear out. Cooking quarters, alchemy camp, and weapons stash are the three Treasure Hoarder camps given – each has a unique set of adversaries.

Genshin The Chasm Yanbo Location

After clearing all the enemies in the two Treasure Hoarder camps assigned to you, a larger Treasure Hoarder camp will be tasked for you to clear out. There will be six waves of Treasure Hoarder enemies to defeat which increases in difficulty as your progress. In the first wave, there will be one Cryo Cicin Mage, one Pyro Fatui Agent, and one Treasure Hoarder Crusher. The second and third waves would have four Treasure Hoarder Scouts each. Meanwhile, the fourth wave includes two Pugilists and two Crushers. The fifth and sixth waves will have the Brass Bull Zhao Leader and Chen the Flower Leader, respectively.

Genshin The Chasm Larger Treasure Hoarder Camp

Once you’ve defeated all enemies, you’ll receive a Precious Chest containing the Cup of Commons Quest item. You will also receive the Well Done, Stierlitz! World of Wonders Achievement and prizes such asPrimogems, Adventure EXP, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora. You may continue looking for the rest of the lost offerings by activating the “The Millennial Mountains” quest.

Genshin The Chasm Cup Of Commons

That’s all the details you will need to complete the Undetected Infiltration quest and get the Cup of Commons. You can find more great content by checking out the Genshin Impact section of our website!

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