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How to play Minecraft 1.18 – Java & Bedrock!

We'll show you how you can start playing Minecraft 1.18 on either Bedrock or Java before it is released in this guide!
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Minecraft 1.18 is the next big release for the game, and players are eagerly anticipating getting a chance to try it out. There’s good new for you if that’s the case, because you can try a lot of the new stuff that’s being added to the game regardless of if you are on the Java or Bedrock version of the game. We’ll show you how to get started in 1.18 in this guide.

How to Play Minecraft 1.18

The ability to play version 1.18 for Minecraft is limited to which version of the game you are playing on. If you are on Bedrock, which is Windows and pretty much all of the consoles, you don’t get to play as much with the features. Java players, however, get a lot more access to new stuff in the game via the snapshots.

Playing 1.18 on Minecraft Bedrock

Bedrock players don’t really have to download anything. Playing on a newer version just requires you to change a settings when you create a new world in the game.

Start up your game in Bedrock, and when you are in Worlds just hit the Create New and then the Create New World button. Set up your world how you normally would, and then scroll down to the experiments section. Check the options that says, “Caves and Cliffs”.

Selecting the Caves and Cliffs option in Minecraft Bedrock

Once you have that checked, you can now go ahead and hit the Create button and you will have access to some of the new Caves and Cliffs features that are available!

Playing 1.18 on Minecraft Java

If you’re lucky enough to have the Java version of Minecraft, then you will have a whole lot more access to new features that will be coming to Minecraft in version 1.18! To play on Java, open up your Minecraft Launcher and select the Installations option at the top of the menu. Click on New Installation and then under Version, select the latest snapshot to play with the most recent experimental additions to the game.

Installing the Minecraft 1.18 snapshot in Java

Once you’ve got all of your choices locked into the settings, just hit the Save button. You can now hit locate your newly saved world in the Installations option and hit the Play button next to it to start it. Alternatively, you can go back to the play menu, and tap the dropdown area next to the big green play button and select the 1.18 installation that you created. Then just hit the play button and you will get to experience what this upcoming version of the game has to offer!

Make sure to be careful if you plan to play on an already built up world. These snapshots of new versions of the game can corrupt your world, so make sure to backup your save file before going ahead with one of these not fully tested versions of the game!

Minecraft 1.18 is quite a bit different when it comes to ore distribution, so make sure to check out our how to get Diamond in 1.18 and how to get Iron in 1.18 guides before getting too lost when trying to collect ore!

That’s everything there is to know about playing Minecraft version 1.18! We’ve got a lot more coverage of the game in our Minecraft section of our website, so be sure to check it out.

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