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How to Prestige in Demonfall

We're taking a look at how you can Prestige in Roblox Demonfall.
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If you’re looking to take your character to the next level in Demonfall then you’re going to need to Prestige. This unlocks the ability to obtain Sun Breathing, Moon Breathing, and Slayer Mark. This is a heavy decision though, because you will lose quite a bit of what you have earned throughout the game. We’ll walk you through how to do it and what it does.

Prestige Guide

To Prestige in Demonfall, you will need to be level 50 and go to the NPC named Murata in Kamakura Village. When you talk to them, you will be asked if you want to take your power to the next level. If you are level 50, you can then accept and your character will more or less be reset and you will gain a prestige level.

Prestige gives you a 20% experience buff, and it allows you to use Moon and Sun Breathing as a Slayer. Demons will be able to use the Slayer Mark DBA. As mentioned, you lose just about everything BUT you do NOT lose your clan. So, if you have a good clan, don’t worry that you will lose it.

Here’s how you reach Murata, who will allow you to Prestige in the game:

It’s good to know that if you use a Wipe Potion or buy a new History with Robux you will not lose your Prestige level!

That’s everything we know about Prestiging in Roblox Demonfall. Be sure to check out our posts on all of the Breathing Styles you can learn and all of the Families you can join!

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  1. Kazu

    Can I prestige as a demon to?

  2. quinx

    Do you lose your demon art if you prestige like if you have shockwave you prestige and get your demon art do you reroll your demon art

  3. minty

    So I will lose everything, including items that I’ve brought with robux?

  4. Mename

    do you need to be lvl 50 for all prestige to get sun breathing

  5. manolo

    when you prestige do you lose the color of your nichiren

  6. Dog water

    Will you lose your 50stat point if you prestige

  7. deez

    How many times can you prestige

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I’m not sure that there’s a limit, but I can’t confirm that.

    2. bean


  8. TheMan

    yo, do you get 3 more clan spins when you prestige?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      I believe so, but I’m not positive on it.

  9. chaanhem

    Is wipe poi reset your prestige too?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      No, it doesn’t.

  10. yoshikazu

    What was his clan?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)