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How to trash talk opponents in BitLife

If you're looking to clown on your opponents in your sport of choice in BitLife you will need to know how to trash talk!
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If you want to believe it or not, trash talking in sports is a time honored tradition. Some of the greatest players have used mindgames to get into their opponent’s heads and cause them to make mistakes. If you want to engage in this mental warfare in BitLife, you will need to know how to trash talk! We’ll teach you how in this guide.

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BitLife Trash Talk Guide

To trash talk in BitLife, you will need to be a professional athlete in any of the sports available. Once you’ve obtained that job, whenever you age up in the game you will be given some kind of choice before you see how you did during the season. This will sometimes be trash talk, which you can then choose to engage in!

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Unfortunately, you can’t really control when you trash talk, it’s just a random occurrence that can possibly happen when you complete a season in your sport. If you need to trash talk for a challenge, then the best way to get the option is to age up and see if you get it. If not, make sure not to hit the OK button when you see how you did in the season. Close out of the application completely and then re-open it. This will revert you back before you aged up, and you can try again to see if you get the trash talk option!

One thing to note about trash talking is that it can be dangerous! On rare occasion when you trash talk back to someone, they will possibly physically attack you. Depending on the method they use, it’s possible that you could die! So, be careful when trash talking, because it can have some dire consequences.

That’s everything you need to know about trash talking in BitLife! If you want to learn more about the game, check out all of our guides in the BitLife section of the site.

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