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How to trick or treat in Royale High

If you want to get a bunch of free candy in Royale High then you're going to want to know how to trick or treat!
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It’s the Halloween season and a brand new update has brought Royalloween to Royale High. That means you’re going to want to gather as much candy as possible to start converting it to Diamonds to get that brand new Gothicutie outfit that’s for sale to celebrate the season. We’ll show you what you need to do to start heading to houses and gathering up some free candy with this guide!

Trick or Treat Guide

To trick or treat in Royale High, you just need to head into the new Wickery Cliffs neighborhood area. You spawn not too far from it, just look for the big Wickery Cliffs sign and run under it up the path into the neighborhood.

Royale High Wickery Cliffs Entrance Image

Now that you’re in the neighborhood, just run up to one of the houses and look for the doorbell. If you get close enough to it, you will see the Doorbell Ring prompt show up. Just hit the E key or use on your mobile device, and the doorbell will ring!

Royale High Doorbell Example Image

Once you ring the doorbell, you will shout something about trick or treating and the door will open. Candy will be flung out of the door and you will need to walk over it to gather it. You get about 3 – 8 candy per house you visit. You can’t visit the same house too quickly, you’ll need to wait until it allows you to go to it again.

There are quite a few houses in the neighborhood, so make sure you hit them all to get as much candy as possible! However, make sure to watch out for monsters that might pop out of the door! Try to fly away from them so they don’t kill you!

You don’t need the candy bag to get candy, but you can get the candy bag in the neighborhood. It’s right near the first house you come up to on the right when you walk up the path. Just head to the backyard area and you should see a chest with some spooky ghosts flying around it!

Royale High Candy Bag Location Image

That’s everything you need to know about trick or treating in Roblox Royale High! Check out the Royale High section of our website for more details on the game.

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  1. Sunday

    How many houses are there in total though?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)

      There’s quite a few, not sure why you’d need the total number of them?

  2. dream

    what about the other chests? i know there’s more then 1. i got 3. is that all? trees? more open houses? oceans?

    1. Shaun Savage (Admin)