How to unlock People Of The Valley Of Life Achievement in Genshin Impact

Discover a Sumeru-related area in The Chasm and unlock the People Of The Valley Of Life hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact!
How To Unlock People Of The Valley Of Life Genshin Impact The Chasm

Although Sumeru is not yet accessible in Genshin Impact, The Chasm is already revealing information about the nation through a hidden Achievement called “People Of The Valley Of Life.” A subarea in The Chasm underground map that seems to have relations with Sumeru contains the Shriveled Seed – an item necessary in acquiring the “People Of The Valley Of Life” Achievement. Discover how to reach the Sumeru-like place in The Chasm and get the Shriveled Seed in this guide.

Obtain the Shriveled Seed in The Chasm

To get to the area of the Shriveled Seed, you will have to enter a hidden cave near the teleport waypoint south of The Chasm: Main Mining area on the underground map. From the Teleport Waypoint, head southwest until you come across a Luminous Seelie, which will guide you to the entrance of the cave. Follow the Seelie until you see two Geo Exploding Barrels next to a wall.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Seelie And Two Geo Barrels

Attack the Barrels to explode and destroy the wall blocking the path to the Sumeru-like area. As you go further into the cave, you will see huge tree branches. Paimon’s dialogue will appear, telling you about small, shiny buds on the branches. She will suggest using your Elemental Sight to see the buds. Upon reaching the limit of the cave, you will see a locked Exquisite Chest and Elemental Totems – Anemo, Geo, and Electro Totem. There will also be Dendro Slimes around the area. Eliminate the Dendro Slimes to prevent being distracted while attempting to solve the Elemental Totem puzzle.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Sumeru Related Area

To unlock the Exquisite Chest and Elemental Totems, look for the three small, shiny buds on the tree branches. Make sure to include an Anemo, Electro, and Geo Character in your party. An Elemental Totem is unlocked every time you touch one of the small, shiny buds. Activate each Elemental Totem with your character’s Elemental Skill based on the element indicated on them.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Shiny Bud

Once all three Elemental Totem is activated, the Exquisite Chest will be unlocked. Open the chest to acquire the Shriveled Seed and earn the People Of The Valley Of Life Achievement. Paimon will then tell you that the Shriveled Seed reminds her of a story from Sumeru, hinting that the area may have a connection to Sumeru.

Genshin Impact The Chasm Shriveled Seed Obtained

That’s all you’ll need to follow in getting the Shriveled Seed and People Of The Valley Of Life Achievement. You can find more great content by checking out the Genshin Impact section of our website!

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