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How to use Way of the Yakuza in AUT (A Universal Time)

We'll teach you how to use the Way of the Yakuza and what it does in Roblox A Universal Time!
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With the new Form Killua being released in Roblox A Universal Time, a lot of players are wondering about the move Way of the Yakuza. Things can be a bit confusing with this game, there’s a lot of Stands, Forms, and Abilities to learn. Each set has their own names, and there’s a lot of different buttons you’ll need to remember to use them all! We’ll guide you through the usage of Way of the Yakuza in this guide.

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Way of the Yakuza Guide

To use Way of the Yakuza, you will need to first be Standless. That means you have no Stand or Form equipped to your character. If you have one, you can either store it at the Ability Storage NPC in the park, or delete it completely at Enrico Pucci, who hangs out near the park.

Once you are Standless, you can now use the Way of the Yakuza ability by pressing the H key on your keyboard or just pressing the ability on mobile. However, to actually enable the ability you will need your health to be in the red zone. You can get your health reduced by the reflecting or attacking dummy. You can also have another player beat you up.

You don’t have to be in full injured mode which will stop you from sprinting, your health just needs to show red like the image below.

Aut Red Health Bar Image

Once your health bar is in the red, you just need to press the H key and you will enter into the Way of the Yakuza. This boosts your health up and allows you to continue the fight. If you’re completing the Killua quest, you just need to stay in this mode until it completes. You get about 30 points towards the quest each time you use it. There’s a cooldown for this move, but it does appear that you can use it again before it completes as long as you have red health!

That’s everything you need to know about the Way of the Yakuza in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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