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Islands gets Totem Upgrades in new update

Roblox Islands got a new update that brings upgradeable totems to the game!
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Roblox Islands, which shares similarities with Minecraft’s Skyblock mod, has been updating regularly as of late. It recently went through a big sponsored update that brought elements of Godzilla vs. King Kong into the game. Now it appears the game is back to normal and has just received an update that brings upgrades to totems! Totems help you automate your island. They help you gather resources quickly, and make it easier for you to build things. This update introduces the ability to upgrade your totems. This will improve the stats and unlock perks for each type of totem!

Each upgrade to a totem is fairly minimal, but overtime you will increase the ability of the totem greatly. You can improve the utility, efficiency, and quality of the totem. Each of these will add a boost to the totem. For example, if you were to upgrade a Starfruit Totem, you can improve its crop growth rate, action speed, and product yield. Each upgrade will cost you a certain amount of coins and a particular resource. The higher the upgrade, the more it will cost you!

If you want to experience the new update, then make sure to check out Islands on Roblox. You will find all of the updates that were made available in this patch below.

Islands Totem Upgrade Patch Notes

Totem Upgrades
You can now use coins and resources to upgrade your totems! Upgrading will improve your stats and unlocks special perks. Each totem has over 150 possible upgrades.

Totem Upgrade Types

Your totems will visually update as your level up.

Other Changes
Increased coin limit to $1.5B
Improved clouds
Hickory wood is now sellable
Bug fixes and performance boosts

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  1. Aplegam

    So how much stone and gold you need to max out a totem a mineral totem iron

    1. Aplegam

      Woops I mean coins

  2. Tarek