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Minecraft Beach Seeds (1.17) – Bedrock & Java

We're taking a look at the best Minecraft Beach Seeds for the Java and Bedrock platforms of the game!
Minecraft Beach Ice Spikes Seed Image

If you’re are like most people then you are probably a fan of the beach, and what better way to start a Minecraft build than to create some beachfront property! If you’re looking for a beautiful location to settle, you will find a variety of good beach options in the list below. We’ve tried to find the best beach seeds that are available for every version of Minecraft, so we hope that you find one that meets your needs!

Any seeds labeled as Bedrock should work with the following versions of the game: Pocket Edition, PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10, or the Nintendo Switch. All of these systems share the same seeds, where only the Java version, which is played on PC, has a separate seed generation code!

If you’re looking for more new worlds to try, check out the Minecraft Seeds section of our website!

Minecraft Beach Seeds List

Many Biomes Beach Seed (Bedrock): 2079142724

Minecraft Beach Many Biomes Seed Image

If you want the beach, but also crave some variety then this seed has it all! You spawn in a jungle biome that is near badlands, desert, savanna, and snow. You’ve also get ocean nearby, and an outpost to attack. There’s a haunted village that spawns on a big island, jungle temple, and a few villages in the snow biome! This seed is chock full of things to visit and explore. Credit to Minecraft & Chill for discovering this seed!

  • Snow Village #1: 1428 69 145
  • Pillager Outpost: 1291 66 158
  • Snow Village #2: 1311 73 576
  • Snow Village #3: 1755 64 470
  • Jungle Temple #1: 1701 68 80
  • Jungle Temple #2: 1638 74 -210
  • Haunted Village: 1008 69 -268

Large Beach Island Seed (Bedrock): 1022032980

Minecraft Large Beach Island Seed Image

If you want a big beach on a beautiful island on Bedrock then this is the seed for you! You’ve got a ton of coastline to build upon, and the interior of the island makes for some great exploration. If you want to explore outwards, you will find four villages and even an outpost! There’s a lot to love about this seed, be sure to check it out! Credit to ThisisChris999 on YouTube for sharing this seed.

  • Haunted Village: 1416 64 544
  • Pillager Outpost: 1854 64 348
  • Village #2: 1835 66 974
  • Village #3: 1409 66 1029
  • Village #4: 1000 65 924

Beach Mansion & Village Seed (Bedrock): 1200067637

Minecraft Beach Mansion Village Seed Image

Not only do you spawn right next to a village, but not too far from that spawn is a beach where you will find a huge mansion and village! This is a pretty rare find, because you won’t find mansions too close to villages, let alone on the coast! This would be a great seed to convert the mansion into your own pad, or leave it alone and camp out on the beach! Credit to Minecraft & Chill on YouTube for the seed.

  • Mansion: 440 94 510
  • Spawn Village: 140 64 64

Stranded Beach Seed (Java): -836163765

Minecraft Stranded Beach Seed Image

This is a really great seed for a roleplay style of game that you could do. You spawn on an island with a shipwreck right next to you, so it can be played like your ship hit some bad weather and you landed on this tiny beach island. Not too far away from you is an Ocean Monument to explore, and near that is a mushroom island where you could setup your base because mobs will not spawn in that biome. There are multiple other small islands across the deep ocean to explore! Credit to avianBlacksmith for finding this one.

  • Ocean Monument: 111 56 -367
  • Mushroom Island Biome: 7 63 -548

Beach Island & Ice Spikes Seed (Java): -1957687655

Minecraft Beach Ice Spikes Seed Image

Before starting this seed, make sure to set world type to large biomes. This will make the island you spawn on enormous, with a ton of beach to build upon. What makes this one so unique is that you spawn on this great big island beach and are surrounded by ice spikes. You can attempt to build just with the materials on your island, or you can explore nearby to find a shipwreck and an Ocean Monument! Credit to a user on Reddit for locating this seed.

  • Shipwreck: 116 80 470
  • Ocean Monument: 48 61 606

Those are all of the beach seeds for Minecraft that we are featuring right now! We’ll be updating this page with additional seeds in the future. Be sure to check out the Minecraft section of our site for more coverage of the game.

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