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New Arsenal update brings a Prime Gaming skin & many other changes!

Roblox's Prime Gaming partnership extended to Arsenal who is giving out the Tech-Head character skin to players who have redeemed the Tech-Head hat code!
Featured Roblox Arsenal Prime Gaming Update Image

Arsenal is one of Roblox’s most well-known games, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’ve been given the opportunity to pair up with Prime Gaming to give out a skin to players! This new cosmetic matches with the Tech-Head hat that you can get by redeeming the code given to you if you have Amazon Prime. The game also got a whole bunch of other changes added to the game that include changes to Competitive and Railgun Royale modes.

The new Prime Gaming Tech-Head Character Skin is easy to get if you have Amazon Prime and have been following along with the freebies from Prime Gaming. You just need to go to the Roblox Prime Gaming page. Click on the Redeem option over the Tech-Head hat to receive a code. This code can only be used once, so make sure you’re on the correct Roblox account before you use it! Head over to Roblox Prime Gaming redemption page, and enter the code to receive the item. You can then navigate to your Avatar and wear it if you’d like!

Once you’ve done all that, head into Arsenal and click the big purple button that features the Tech-Head Character skin and you should receive it as a usable option in your Locker!

Example of the Tech-Head Character skin button in Arsenal

While that was an exciting addition to the game, there’s a whole bunch of other small things that were changed as well! Some new weapons got added to Competitive, assists no longer grant wins in Competitive and Railgun Royale, crosshairs are enabled for sniper rifles in all modes, and a whole lot of other bug fixes! You can find all of these changes in the update below.

Official Patch Notes

Prime Gaming reward! Claim the Tech-Head Character Skin with Prime Gaming from now to May 17th!

-Added P90, MP9-S, Mauser Carbine and MP7 to Competitive so that it doesn’t loop through dupes in a round
-Assists will no longer grant wins in Competitive and Railgun Royale (Standard does not allow you to get an assist kill win unless enemy dies themselves)
-Crosshairs are enabled for sniper rifles in all gamemodes
-Every sound that plays within the player’s character can now be heard by other players (eg: reload sounds, flamethrower sounds, backstab sounds, winding sounds, etc)
-Changing team mode with the VIP Server menu will now respawn all players as spectators based on the team mode and what team they’re on
-Game shows if its VIP or not on the version number

-Changes to the Shop, some bundles have gone offsale
-Tool Tips now show up when hovering a button for Xbox/Gamepad
-CHANGE COLOR button changed to an icon
-Added badge – Change the color of the UI
-Adjusted the look of Daily Challenges
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug where players re-equip their weapons when they’re not equipping the primary slot
-Fixed a bug where guns do not rotate on the 30th weapon
-Fixed a bug where demotion and promotion sounds did not properly play
-Weapons that have infinite ammo will not break by the Ammo Loss Curse in Hackula
-Fixed a bug on Randomizer, Arcade and All Weapons Gamemode where first place may show up twice (this happened when first place and second place has the same score)
-Fixed cars not killing people in Street Corner
-Fixed a bug where scope UI doesn’t go away when you switch to knife while scoped in
-Fixed Flamethrower and Acid spitter not doing damage in Juggernaut
-Fixed not being able to stomp in Juggernaut mode and FFA
-Attempted a fix on some melees giving you more of a jump boost
-Fixed a bug where swinging a melee weapon and then switching to another weapon would give the weapon the switched weapon’s properties
(eg. lasers coming out during this process when switching to a laser weapon)
-Fixed a bug where Animatronic Performer/Rabblerouser, Marionette and Zombella had male voices
-Fixed chat z-indexing issues
-Fixed Canals collision issues with vehicles and foreground props and minor void gaps
-Fixed bug where there were two Cyber Mercenaries from the character case
-Fixed issue where the Pulse Musket didn’t have team colored shells
-Fixed issues with gamepad selecting challenges

From Arsenal’s Official Discord

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