Newsday Crossword May 28 2023 Answers (5/28/23)

Here are all of the answers to today's Newsday Crossword puzzle for May 28 2023 to help you finish it up!
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The Newsday Crossword is a syndicated crossword that is published across different apps and websites each day. It is one of the “easier” crosswords to work on compared to some of the heavy-hitters like the NYT Crossword. Below, you’ll find the answers to the Newsday Crossword for May 28 2023 below!

There is a new puzzle to work through each day of the week. This crossword is considered to be balanced between being fun and engaging with some challenge but entirely solvable without tearing one’s hair out!

Newsday Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for the Newsday Crossword Answers. The clues are in alphabetical order as we think that might be easier to find any specific clue you’re looking for.

Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!)

Of war: Lat.
Singled out on stage
Added printer paper improperly
Ape or monkey
Kind of pudding
Head of the Huns
On humility: 'What you __'
Expanse east of NC
Principal performer
Sam of 'Jurassic Park'
Role in 'Ren't
Collaborative group
Voice actor in 'Up'
Arises (from)
Cease to consider
Have the part of
Dog-__ pages
Extremely long time
Local wagering center: Abbr.
On candor: 'Love your enemies, for __'
Clumsy one's cry
Reddish-brown horse
'Mostly Ghostly' author
Grand Canyon transportation
Caddy's burden
All __ up (irate)
Screen for the first PCs
Diamondbacks, on scoreboards
'90s Second Family
Leave the house
S&L plans
On thoroughness: 'Diligence __'
Averse to activity
Name on the cover of '. . . Dorian Gray'
Quarterback great Brett
Japanese assent
Ferret's foot
__ as in 'yummy'
Ending for oboe and violin
Some of the oldest video games
Any show biz notable
Dmitri's denial
Brewery products
On activity: 'The __'
UK's Isle of __
Financing nos.
Nation near Fiji
Toon Great Dane's nickname
Peach centers
Having some growing up to do
Unpleasantly wet
Pilot license precursor
Reclined (on)
Hoist __ (toast with beer, say)
Soccer great Mia
Ob-__ (medical specialty)
On integrity: 'Fear to do ill, and __'
Corrections list
When National Candy Corn Day is
Thinks alike
Pitch in
Boot up again
Logical thinking
Gene research industry
Take after
Tiny, for short
Little fellows
Very quick, in brand names
Of the breastbone
Country singer Tillis
Elect (to)
Ending for orchestra
Tips of ears
Clinch a victory
Picturesque scene
Scratch up
Short news piece
Charles Foster Kane, notably
'E.T.' boy
It breaks every morning
Try to smack
Stands for studios
Glue brand
City Hall executive
Ending for mock or crock
Corporate shuffle, for short
First sound of 'cent'
'NOVA' network
Performing pair
Director from India
__ salts (bath additive)
Browser bought by Verizon
Unrepeated events
Up to
Scram from danger
Constellation bear
Ostentatious display
Nickname like Liz
Trash holders
Pull on
Pal of Pooh
Snarling sound
'Mazel __!'
German industrial region
Grapelike berry
Sticks on car racks
Undemanding course
Waterpik rival
Discourages from doing
'Tale of Two Cities' beginning
Japanese footwear brand
Half-horses of myth
Not a main drag
Overhead trains
For laughs
Sport authority
Cruiser crew
Can't wait to do
I love: Lat.
Dairy product in small containers
Does some subject searching, perhaps
Papal jurisdiction
Some steaks
Exodus locale
One who might cry 'Uncle!'
Pesky fliers
Community ctrs.
Volleyball equipment
Equestrian pace
S&L offering
Nay's opposite
Snack on
Hoopsters' group
Contraction used by Key
Directional ending

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